Gift the best watch to your near ones


Time and tide waits for no one.

A well known proverb….And since then watches have helped human beings to keep in pace with time.

Every time you want to gift your near ones with some special gift, the first thing that comes to mind is some latest model of wrist watch that would be a perfect blend of quality and style. So, when finally the thought of gifting a watch comes to our mind, we keep thinking about the key factors we should keep in mind to get the best deal. With innumerable options available, this indeed becomes an uphill task. You can try out Patek Philippe for the watch of your choice.

Things to look for in a wrist watch

  • A watch is not just a wrist watch. It is a plethora of status, fashion and choices.So, the first thing to look for is the person who is to be gifted. We need to keep in mind about the person’s choice, profession and fashion sense. Some people are happy with a wide variety of less expensive daily wear wrist watches as they would be able to flaunt new style each day. On the contrary, some people prefer expensive good quality watches which they would be able to use over a long period of time. This again depends upon age groups.
  • The second yet most important point is the age of the person whom we want to gift a wrist watch. We also need to think about a wrist watch depending on gender. Although, the present trend allows us to choose from unisex wrist watches, a vast multitude of people still prefer to wear unique pieces different from their counterpart from the other gender.

  • Then, we need to look for the kind of display preferred in the watch. That is, analog or digital or setting pace with the new trend, the newer trend of smartwatches.
  • Waterproof or not? The scariest part of getting drenched in rain!! Wondering about the safety of electronic devices from water! The range of waterproof watches has made the world easier for even deep sea divers and scuba divers.So, if your near ones are sad over their wrist watch which got damaged in rain, the next thing to gift them to cheer them up is definitely a waterproof wristwatch.
  • Knowing the correct wrist size of the person who would wear the watch is highly crucial. Obviously, the person who would be wearing a watch would not like a loose fitting watch hanging from his or her wrist during important meetings.
  • Selecting the right color depending upon the venue to wear the watch. This is highly crucial as one would not like seeing a presenter in a business meet wear a sports watch. As we know that shoes and wrist watches highlight a personality, understanding a personality is the most important step while selecting the right wrist watch.

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