Bridal Airbrush Tans: The Perfect Touch For Bridal Beauty


Many people find it hard to believe that a fake tan can actually be better than the real thing. This is especially true for anyone who has tried the self-tanning products that are available in stores. These products are well-known for creating orangey, streaky looks that are far from the perfect tan. Fortunately, tanning has come a long way and so have the techniques for applying them.

Gotham Glow has built a reputation as the premier bridal airbrush tan salon in NYC. There are a number of factors that make an airbrush tan the perfect choice for a bride’s wedding day. These include:

  • The quality of the tanning solution. Unlike most tanning solutions that produce a too bronzed or orange tan, Gotham Glow uses their proprietary blend to achieve a very natural look suitable for all skin tones. Not to mention the added benefits the solution brings to various skin types. The solution is loaded with nutrients and vitamins to nourish skin and can sometimes prevent an awful sunburn from reaching the peeling stage.
  • The technicians who apply the tanning solution make a big difference in the quality of the results. Unlike a tanning machine that provides an even flow of the solution throughout the process, a technician will guide you to the ideal poses for applying solution on every area of your body. This also allows them to do toning and sculpting for the ultimate bridal airbrush tan. The techs at Gotham Glow are like skilled painters tanning you for your specific body type.
  • You only have one chance to create an album of wedding photos to remember your event. You want to look your best in all your photos so you can reminisce for many years to come. Even a micro tan can enhance your appearance and make you stand out even more as the beautiful bride on your wedding day.
  • Brides have long taken the steps to have their hair done and their makeup prepared before they walk down the aisle. The problem with the makeup approach is that makeup wipes off and will usually need reapplied numerous times before the event. Even worse, it is virtually impossible to prevent getting some makeup on your dress. Tanning is a better solution that won’t wipe off just because you go through the motions of getting dressed.
  • A bridal airbrush tan isn’t just for brides anymore. Tanning parties are becoming more common so that the entire bridal party can enjoy the benefits of a natural looking glow. After all, every bride wants her entire wedding party to look their very best for the occasion.
  • When cared for, an airbrush tan can last through the entire honeymoon. Just avoid swimming in chlorine and any beauty methods that will lead to exfoliation of the skin. Improve confidence and intimacy by staying tan.

Today’s bridal airbrush tan has a lot of advantages and flexibility to enhance any bride’s appearance. The idea is to create the tan that will compliment your natural beauty; not cover it up with an orange or streaky glow that looks anything but natural.

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