The Worst Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Beaded Bracelets


A lot of men wear beads around their wrists for fashion and to look good as well and most of them wear it to complement their outfit and their wristwatch.

As men’s beaded bracelets are now becoming trendy, and a lot of men are hooked into wearing this fashion accessory, it might be ideal to ensure when you wear it the right way to make you not just fashionable but classy as well.

However, a lot of men wore beaded bracelets the wrong way, and to enlighten you on this matter, here are some of the common mistakes that ruin the style of wearing your beaded bracelets that will instantly throw away its class outside the window.

Try avoiding these awful mistakes and make the most in wearing these fashion accessory.

  1. THEY WEAR IT WITHOUT COMPLEMENTING THEIR OUTFIT’S COLOR- There are tons of color choices that you can choose from when it comes to beaded bracelets, there are dark, there are light, and there are neutral colors that complement your different outfit. However, a lot of men wear these beaded bracelets without checking if it complements the color of their outfit. They ended up like a colorful decoration where the colors do not match and are contrasting from each other.
  2. WEARS TOO TIGHT OR TOO LOOSE- Make sure that your mens beaded bracelets fit your wrist comfortably. Wearing a very loose will only reminiscent to wearing over-sized outfit. Being too tight makes you look like you borrowed it from someone who is smaller than you, also, it would be irritating to your wrist or causes discomfort if you wear a tightly beaded bracelet.
  3. STACKS A LOT OF BRACELET- One to three bracelets on your wrist is enough, but you might notice a lot of people especially those who are kind of hippy wears beaded bracelets enough to cover their entire arm. That is a big no actually. Don’t be like that because aside from giving discomfort to your wrist, you are just making a fool of yourself. Make sure you stack one to three bracelets that complement colors perfectly. Stacking beaded bracelets that are all colorful or contrasting from each other looks annoying and not fashionable at all. You should learn to mix and match various types of beaded bracelets to achieve that cool look on your wrist.
  4. TRASHY BEADED BRACELETS- You should keep yourself classy, do not wear those that have large charms and small figures because it will only make you laughable and a distraction to people who will notice you. Instead of noticing your outfit, they will focus their attention on that huge skull charm on your bracelet that should not be there in the first place. Choose charms wisely that is tacky and small enough to make it does not look annoying.
  5. TOO MANY DANGLING CHARMS- Aside from being heavy and very distractive, dangly charms are not that essential to achieve that classy look in wearing a beaded bracelet. Some of these dangly charms are engraved animal heads, skulls, and other characters you can think of. Make sure that if you want to add a dangly charm on your beaded bracelet it does not look too annoying or distractive for you and for the people who would notice it.

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