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According to World Health Organization, cigarette smoking is one of the avoidable cause of death. It can be controlled and can be stopped to prolong a healthy life. Smoking is a vice wherein you burned a stick of tobacco, sipping it and release smoke. Commonly,  when you sip the smoke the substance will travel on your bloodstreams and through your lungs. As an alternative, you can buy iqos heets for your iqos unit.

What is IQOS cigarette?

It is a new invention made by Phillip Morris, the marlboro maker – a type of tobacco cigarettes. It is a type of cigarette wherein there is no smoke, no ashes and no need to burn it. In using iqos, you need to buy iqos heets on online shop nearest on you. The iqos heatsticks serves as the tobacco sticks with a limited nicotine. The iqos cigarette will heat the iqos heatsticks producing aerosol and it has a tobacco scent.

The iqos cigarette is first launched at Milan, Italy and now available worldwide through online shops at the Internet. It widely competes with electronic cigarettes and became more available to other countries such as Japan and USA.

A heet was usually heat at 350 degree compared to a traditional cigarette where it needs 800 degrees to be burned. Aside from excessive burn, the second hand smoke affects the nonsmokers. Unlike a traditional cigarette, iqos doesn’t produce excessive smoke.

Where to buy Iqos Cigarettes

Iqos cigarette is available mostly through online sites like . Sparepacks site is from UK and it offers variety of products like iqos cigarettes. In their site, they offers 2 types of iqos kit costing 75 GBP to 110 GBP. They offers the ordinary and limited set of iqos kits. Aside from kits, you can also buy heets for only 50 GBP and you can choose on your preferred taste. They offers menthol, mild and strong taste and they are available in 200 heets in each box.  In addition to that, they also provide cleaning kits costing 4 GBP with 30 cleaning kits inside. If you want to know more about the iqos, you can visit the website through internet.


When a vice becomes addictive, it will also rapidly affect your body system. When you use cigarettes, you’re taking a risk in your health especially your lungs. If you cannot take to stop such cigarette smoking, you can use alternative cigarettes like electronic cigarettes and iqos cigarettes.

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