Factors to Consider Before Selling Gold Jewelley.


Liquidity is one of the best features of gold. When you are strapped for cash and need money immediately, gold could be your ticket out. Gold is recognizable all over the world making it easy to sell. However, this is not a process you undertake blindly. You need to research and find the right information.

Below are ideas to keep in mind before deciding to sell gold bullion Brisbane.

  1. Timing

When it comes to sell gold jewellery, this is both a financial and personal decision. You may own the gold through inheritance or by purchasing it yourself. Either way, you need to seriously contemplate if you’re ready to part with this precious metal.

The need to liquidate gold arises from different financial situations. This includes college tuition, purchasing a house, or simply splurging on you and your loved ones. When you are comfortable with selling your gold, that’s the right time.

Gold’s spot price also determines the selling time. Whenever these prices are high, consider to sell gold jewellery to free up some cash. Keep track of gold analyses and forecasts. This will ensure you are informed of market trends.

  1. Know your Gold

Whether you are a novice or not, having the necessary information about your gold helps with negotiation. To ensure the price you get is fair, you need to know the following about your gold.

  • What Carat is it

The value of your gold jewellery could differ depending on whether you have 9k or 8k gold. Different jewellers make gold jewellery different depending on what their local market wants to buy and is willing to spend. It could cost double to buy an 18k necklace vs a 9k necklace. However, when it comes time to sell you will get double the amount of cash for having more gold contained in your necklace.

  • Weight

The retail price for gold jewellery tends to be a combination of the gold weight and craftsmanship to manufacture it. Gold’s melt value is determined by its weight only. Bear this in mind when it comes time to sell gold jewelley as you will not get back the jewellers labor when it comes time to sell.

  • Gold Jewellery buyback rate

The gold jewellery buyback rate is what the dealer is willing to pay for your particular karat jewellery per gram. This incorporates the dealers profit in melting it down and on selling it to the refinery.

  • Finding the right dealer

The right dealer is a trusted dealer. Once you have the necessary information about your gold, you need to find the right person to sell it to. Genuine dealers have a long history of buying and a reputation that backs them up.

Like any other investment, there comes a time when you want your gold in the form of cash for further investments or enjoying life. The price of gold tends to fluctuate alot. This makes it near impossible to predict the best time to sell.

Resist the urge to make sales without adequate research. This will eliminate any hassle associated when it comes time for you to sell gold jewellery.

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