Tips & Tricks: How To Define Your Personal Style


A little while ago I did a series of posts about defining your personal style, as it is something that can be really fun to do, but might also be a bit vague. I created a step-by-step guide with in-depth posts for each step, to hopefully clear things up. After all, knowing exactly what you like (and don’t like) helps to rock that signature style. Using these guides, I’ve come a lot further with developing my own style and it’s how I went from a super big wardrobe to only one clothing rack and a small dresser. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, I rounded up a couple of high lights below:

  1. Start with the basics 

As with every project you take on, start from the bottom. First of all: decide what you consider basics. A leather jacket, black trousers, a pair of jeans, a white tee, and your best false eyelashes? Then raid your closet, to see which items you already own. Afterward, decide on what basics you should add. Remember to always go for quality, as basics should form the foundation of your wardrobe.

  1. Get crafty

I personally love this part! Whenever you have some spare time, use it to get crafty and create a mood board. Collect every image you like (from color samples to actual outfits to completely random things) and put them on aboard. You could use Pinterest for this, or just a piece of cardboard and a pile of magazines. When you’re finished, reflect on your mood board. Look for patterns (are there any things that keep coming back?) and try to come up with a couple of keywords to describe your board. Is it really clean with geometrical lines? Or romantic perhaps? This should give you a little push in the right direction when it comes to figuring out what style(s) you’re into.

  1. Style Icons 

As weird as it might seem, observing other people’s styles could help you find your own. Celebs, fashion influencers, and others that have been declared style icons or just have an awesome taste in fashion are perfect as a reference. You’ll probably come across a single person’s style that defines you. It is all about mixing it up: a bit of Ashley Olsen with some Clémence Poésy, or Audrey Hepburn with a touch of Sienna Miller. Everything is possible.

  1. Figure out what works for your body type

If you wear an outfit that underlines your best assets, you’ll be sure to look fabulous, period. Regardless of what’s currently trending, nothing will give you (and your look!) a boost like a bit of self-confidence. Have you got legs for days? Or a super flat tummy? Work it, girl!

Have you tried any of the above before? And how would you describe your style? Would love to read all about it in the comments below!

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