Baby Dress: Tips before Buying


Babies are always bundles of joy. They bring smiles to everyone most especially the family members and the parents. But it is always a dilemma for parents out there to continually buy baby clothes and baby dresses. This is because babies grow so fast in terms of weight and height. This is the reason why it is always tricky to buy a particular baby dress.

Yet, there are a few tips you can pull whenever you decide in buying one. Here are key items to take note.

Tip 1: Age

The first thing to consider when buying a new baby dress would be the age of the baby. Stores sort these clothes in accordance with months and age. You need to be asking yourself just how old the baby is. When making the purchase, always consider getting a size bigger. For example, if the baby is too small say less than one year, might as well get the dress that is a little bigger. For instance, if the baby is just 3 months old, get those that are sized 6 months. This guarantees that the dress will be used much longer for the baby. And this is even cost-effective.

Tip 2: Weight

Even if you consider the age of the baby in buying that dress, the weight will be another key factor to consider. There are babies that are smaller or bigger in relation to their months or year. What might be a 6 month old can already fit a one-year-old dress size. This holds true even with the shoe size of the baby. It is suggested then to bring the baby with you whenever you shop for clothes. At least you can be able to try on the selection rather than second-guessing what the right size will be. If you are unsure what size to get, consider bigger ones.

Tip 3: Functionality

Changing a baby is a chore. It is really difficult for parents to dress their little angels. Hence, no matter how pretty the dress is when it is very difficult to put on then do not buy it anyway. Remember when you buy a new dress, make sure you consider the ease of clothing changes. Take note that there’s diaper involved and you might need quick fixes every now and then. Avoid items with fancy embellishments like sequins, zippers, and buttons. Magnetic straps are highly suggested since you can easily pull it and attach it back. Do not go for complicated pieces since it will make hanging time hard.

In order to help you with your struggles in getting that baby dress, consider a store that can aid you with the four tips stated above. There are already baby-friendly stores that allow you to bring your baby with cute dressing rooms where you can try it on. They even have friendly and helpful staffs in case you are having a hard time changing and choosing. Let shopping for a baby dress be a good bonding time rather than a difficult task to finish.

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