Types of Joggers That Every Man Should Know About


There’s no denying that joggers are the most comfortable bottom wears out of all. It can be worn in different ways to suit different styles and justifies any purpose. Whether it is a casual day at the office or you are taking your morning walk or jogging, pick a pair of joggers and you’d never go wrong. Pretty much like any other attire, joggers have their own diverse range of types. Based on what look you want to rock, you should pick the right pair of joggers. Here’s a list of types of joggers that you’d find.

Everyday Joggers

These are the most common and yet the best joggers that most people would definitely have. Whether you plan to stay indoors and chill or have to catch a flight, these are comfort wear that would offer most of movement, without making you feel trapped. More and more men are convinced that everyday joggers are the ultimate savior to every situation. The best thing about these is that you don’t look overdressed and you don’t look underdressed. It magically balances the look no matter what the purpose or place is.

Sports Joggers

Sports joggers justify their name by being one of the most comfortable and flexible wear if you are into athletics or sports. While each kind of jogger offers incomparable amounts of comfort, what’s special about these joggers is that they are made of sports-friendly fabrics. You can play basketball, football, or any game and the fabric will take all the movement. You’d mostly find men wearing these joggers to gyms.

Smart Joggers

While joggers came into being for the comfort factor and were considered to be a leisurely-wear, they’ve made so far to have a category called smart joggers. Smart joggers are a blend of the comfort of joggers and the suave look of formal pants. For a very long time wearing formal pants for men would mean forcing legs into an exact-fitting pair of pants. Even so, wearing formal pants for hours would mean pants that get saggy at the knees. However, now you can find smart joggers that are not suffocating-tight and don’t need to be.

Lounge Joggers

Lounge joggers are the ones that you’d never want to take off once you get in them. While everyday joggers offer a lot of comfort, lounge joggers are designed to let you enjoy being lazy. Being loosely cut and having a lot of moving space, you feel like you’re in your own skin. These can be worn ideally when you are at home enjoy an off day watching television and munching popcorn.

There’s no doubt that joggers have taken over denims now. While each and every kind of joggers offer undeniable amount of comfort, they are all about business. You wouldn’t be called insanely casual, nor would you be called meticulously formal. Pairing it up with the right kind of t-shirt or shirt and shoes would help you rock whatever look you want to.

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