Ways to remember gift days


We live in a digital age. In this digital age, our lives have become so busy that we often forget important days. This happens often in our lives and we don’t give it much thought, but when it is a gift-giving occasion, it matters. We may forget about it, but people who have been waiting for a gift may not.

There are many steps we can take in order to avoid such situations. One of the best ways is to use the digital tools to keep us ahead of our dates. Here we shall list a few ways to remember important days and prepare gifts for those we love.

1- Stick it up

Important days can be jotted down and stuck in a place that is visible. You could set up a notice board or stick it on the fridge. This way, we can remember what days are important to us and the family can remember as well. We hardly forget festival days, but birthdays, anniversaries and other days are often overlooked. It is a good idea to write it all down in one place

2- Smartphone reminders

You could use your smartphone to remind you whose special day is coming up. Attach an idea for a dirty gag gifts to someone really close. Also, make sure to keep it a few days ahead so you can prepare for the occasion ahead of time and not risk leaving it to the last minute.

3- Book your gifts

You can book your gifts in advance on gift websites specifying the date and time just in case it escapes you on a special day. You can book all sorts of gifts online these days, whether its regular gifts, digital gifts or dirty gag gifts. So spending a little time ahead can save you the embarrassment on the big day.

4- Online alerts

You can also use online alerts to remind you of important occasions. Websites like BirthdaAlarm.com, BigDates.com, BirthdayPal.com are especially there for keeping track of important dates. They even send cards, messages, and alerts to your inbox. Some gift websites also have reminder options so make sure to check them out.

Setting up more than one reminder is always better as it reduces the chances of forgetting an important date. At a time when our lives have become so mechanic and monotonous, reviving the habit of remembering birthdays and special days can bring us closer to our relatives and friends. Making gifts on such occasions is even better. It is not important to be fancy instead it is just enough to be funny and caring.

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