Things To Consider When Shopping For The Best Real Fur Coat


A real fur coat can turn a regular Jane into an exclusive dame. Considered a symbol of high-fashion and vintage class, an authentic fur coat is as sweet an investment as a large diamond ring. If planning to buy one, it’s obvious to wish for the best deal. Unfortunately, the journey from plan to purchase isn’t a cakewalk.

The market is dotted with shops promising authentic and high-quality fur coats. Be wary of the false promises, though. Do your research. Walk in and out of stores unless you are absolutely convinced about the quality and credibility of a fur coat store. In order to make an informed decision and a smart purchase, you must at least be familiar with the basics of real fur. Here are four important points you must consider while buying a real fur coat.

  1. Know Your Options Well

When buying a fur coat, you must be familiar with different types of fur available in the market. Mink, raccoon, rabbit, fox, lamb, coyote, lynx, beaver, and chinchilla – your options are galore. Learn about the uniqueness of each fur before deciding on the one that fits your requirement and style preferences.

  1. Learn To Tell The Difference Between Real And Faux Fur

You cannot blindly trust the salesmen at the fur coat shop unless they are representing a renowned and a popularly trusted brand. Watch out for these points to tell the difference between real and faux fur.

  • The tip of the real fur is usually tapered. The blunt tip is a sign of synthetic fur.
  • Take a look at the base of the fur. In case of real fur, the base remains carpeted with uneven hair growth. You can see a furry growth of uneven lengths under the taller strands whereas the length of hair strands in a faux fur coat is uniform.
  • Try to push a pin into the real fur coat and the leather at the base would resist. But, the pin pushes easily through the base of a fake fur coat.
  • Pull a strand of fur and light a fire to it. The real fur burns as usual; faux fur melts and smells like burnt plastic.
  1. Make Up Your Mind About The Places Or Occasions You Wish To Wear Your Fur Coat To

Carrying a fur coat calls for a fine balance between your fashion ambitions and delicate sensibilities. You must know that every fur coat won’t suit every occasion. Are you looking for a special buy for special occasions? Are you planning to get a daytime casual look that would turn an ordinary lane into a Broadway street? Or, maybe, you want a versatile option that will add oomph to your casual denim and cocktail dress, alike. Consider your priorities and buy a fur coat accordingly.

  1. Consider The Climate You Are In

Fur coats are warm. Take into account the intensity of cold in your town before making a purchase. For instance, if the winters in the town are mild, it would be a waste to invest in very heavy fur coats made from racoons, coyotes, or foxes. A light mink or broadtail coat would suffice.

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