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Keeping a yoga journal will help you to track and review your progress easily, note helpful poses and their results and remember any unique or enlightening experiences.

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A systematic review of yoga for major depressive disorder, Journal of ..
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International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

Failing to understand this distinction leads many well-meaning people to embrace sometimes dubious alternative treatments, which I lump into a category I call "alternative reductionism." I hope you'll find it both provocative and full of practical implications for how to keep yourself healthy.

This is an alternate version of the article published in Yoga Journal under the name "38 Ways Yoga Keeps You Fit." It's much more complete than the article that appeared in the magazine; it also groups the ways yoga improves health into categories like "Musculoskeletal," "Circulatory" and "Organ Function," which makes it a little more user-friendly.

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Timothy McCall, the bestselling author of (Bantam), medical editor of Yoga Journal, as well as co-editor of the only professional-level medical textbook on yoga therapy, (Handspring Publishing).

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Yoga for Trauma and Related Mental Health Problems: ..