Seminar Seminar on any relevant latest technical topic based on latest research, recent trends, new methods and developments in the field of Computer Engineering / Information Technology.


 Course Name : Diploma in Computer Engineering /Computer Technology
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Course Code : CO/CM/CD Semester : Sixth for CO/CM

06 Usability Testing User Interface Testing: What makes a Good UI? , Follows standards or Guidelines, Intuitive, Consistent, Flexible, Comfortable, Correct, Useful. Testing for the Disabled: Accessibility Testing: - It’s the Law, accessibility features in software. Web site Testing Web Page Fundamentals, Black-Box Testing: - Text, Hyperlinks, graphics, forms, object and other simple miscellaneous Functionality. Gray Box Testing, White Box Testing, Configuration and compatibility testing, Usability Testing, Introducing Automation.

Course Name : Computer Engineering Group

05 Foreign Language Testing Making the words and Pictures Make Sense , Translation Issues :- Text Expansion , ASCII , DBCS and Unicode , Hot Keys and shortcuts , Extended Characters , Computation on characters , Reading Left to Right and Right to Left , Text on Graphics, Keep the Text out of the code . Localization Issues: - Content, Data Formats. Configuration and Compatibility Issues: - Foreign platform configurations, Data Compatibility. How much should you Test?

Course Code : CO/CM/IF Semester : Sixth
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08 Working With Test documentation Planning your test effort : the goal of the test planning , test planning topics :- high level expectations , people , places , and things , definitions , Inter group Responsibilities , what will and won’t be tested , test phases , test strategy , resource requirements , tester assignments , test schedule , test cases , bug reporting , Metrics and statistics , Risk and Issues. Writing and Tracking Test Cases The goal of test case Planning, Test case planning overview, test design, test cases, test procedures, test case organization & tracking. Reporting What you Find Getting your bugs fixed, isolating & reproducing bugs , Not all bugs are created equal , a bug’s life cycle , bug tracking system :- The standard : The test incident Report , Manual Bug Reporting and Tracking , Automated bug reporting and tracking.

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The Future Software Quality Assurance : Quality is free, testing and quality assurance in the workplace , software testing , Quality Assurance, other names for software testing groups, Test management and organizational structures, Capability Maturity Model (CMM), ISO 9000 Your Careers As a Software Tester: Your job as a software tester, finding software testing position, gaining hands-on experience, Internet links, Professional Organizations.

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Lectures by Professional / Industrial Expert be organized from any of the following areas: 1. Meditation. Yoga to improve concentration 2. Robotics 3. Any latest tool useful for software development 4. Mobile computing 5. Data Mining 6. SAP 7. Neural network 8. Software project Management 9. Wi-fi Technology 10. Any other suitable topic

Document or macro viruses are written in a macro language.

II Hardware Oriented Projects (1) Develop Intrusion Detection System. (2) Develop Speech Recognition System. (3) Develop Image Processing Systems. (4) Develop Expert Systems. (5) Develop Artificial Intelligence based Systems. (6) Develop various types of Interfacing Applications. (7) Develop device Controllers.

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I Software Oriented Projects (1) Develop Application Software for Hospital/Shopping Mall/Cinema Theatre/Commercial Complex/Educational Institute/Industrial Complex. (2) Develop Inhouse Systems. (3) Case Studies Related to Industries – Operation / Maintenance / Repair and Fault Finding. (Refer Guideline Document). (4) Develop Information Processing System. (5) Develop Web Based Applications using Web Technologies. (6) Develop Network monitoring system. (7) Develop systems for financial organisation. (8) Develop System Program based system like compilers, editors, spreadsheets, mini database systems.