Jesus revealed this mighty wind to John onthe Isle of Patmos:

Asked about her ambitions at the height of the fame of "Gone With the Wind" she said that she hoped to put on weight, become "fat and amiable," grow old gracefully.

Secondly, there is the Spiritualcharacteristics of the wind.

One Spiritual characteristic of the wind isthat it represents God's judgment.
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The East Wind is referred to twenty-one times.

When God releases the East Wind upon the earth,His judgement will be released in all its fury upon all things that are uncleanand defiled in the sight of God.

The South Wind blew after one day.

She added that "being the author of 'Gone With the Wind' is a full-time job, and most days it is an overtime job filling engagements and meeting visitors. In addition, I am giving all the time I can to war activities and future commitments in this field which will take me out of the city."

Matthew speaks of God gathering His people afterthe wind of judgment blows upon the earth:
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Inherit the Wind; Written by: Jerome Lawrence Robert E

Miss Mitchell became a member of the staff of The Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine in 1922 and worked there until 1926, writing under the name of Peggy Mitchell. She was forced to abandon this position, however, because of an injured ankle. It was then that she began writing her famous novel, "Gone With the Wind." She had been married the year before.

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The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. Miss Mitchell received an honorary degree from Smith College, medals and decorations, and was besieged for her autograph and the story of her life. Two years after the book was published, when she granted her first formal interview to New York reporters, she was asked if she was writing anything else, or intended to. She said she had been so busy answering the phone, the doorbell and her fan mail that she had not had time. A Danish bookseller gave a trip to Atlanta to the winner of a raffle. She was impersonated all over the country and in Europe. Rumors about her and her mode of life were as thick, and as unpredictable, as bees in a clover patch.

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The fame which came with her book brought her an estimated $1,000,000 in book royalties, movie payments and other allied returns in less than four years, but disrupted her way of living. She said one day, in a fit of exasperation as she left for a mountain hideaway from the throngs which besieged her by telephone, telegraph and in person, that she had determined never to write another word as long as she lived.

These have become the wind ofthe Lord upon the earth.

Then he asked, "Who can abide it?" Only those who havebeen born of water and of the Spirit, those who have become like thewind will be able to abide the Day of God's Judgment.

The angels will soon receive the order to release thefour winds.

Those who havesettled back on their lees, being refreshed by the South Wind have not preparedtheir lives for the days ahead when the East Wind will be released from thethrone of God in all its fury.

God's Judgment Written On The Wind

A few days later he wired Miss Mitchell that his company had accepted the book for publication, subject to some revision. For six months she labored at the job of rewriting, editing, pulling the threads of the story together.