The causes, events and people of the most destructive war in history.

Here I'll describe the unique set of qualities of Hitler's personality, and then explain why without them Hitler, or anyone else, could not lead Germany so fast to a second war, a World War that shook the world and almost drowned it in blood.

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One of these gruesome events happens to be World War I, which was evoked by many different causes.
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Goal #1: To understand the of Europe in the 19th Century and how five organic weaknesses in Europe led to the first large-scale global war - World War I

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Today, we begin the second part of our story with our first discussion in Unit II - Responding to International and Domestic Crises. In this unit, we will continue our story line - how the power of the federal government grows as the United States responds to a series of crises both inside and outside our boundaries - two world wars, the crash of the stock market, and the Great Depression.

Additionally, a series of Balkan Wars that were attempts for Serbian independence caused a split between Austria-Hungary and Russia....
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Some immediate causes were the assassination of the heir of Austria-Hungry, Germany declaring war on Russia, Germany declaring war on France, and Great Britain declaring war on Germany.

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Conclusions about Organic Weakness #3 - how shifting and entangling alliances led to war: The consequence of these alliances was the division of two divided and armed camps that existed in Europe by 1914. Thus, one offense against any Euroean nations might ultimately draw in that nation's ally, and that ally's ally, or allies. The alliances gave smaller powers - like those in the Balkans - an opportunity to begin a crisis that could become a world war.

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The high tensions between European nations ultimately led to the declaration of war on Serbia by Austria on July 28, 1914, marking the beginning of World War I.

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The cause of this war cannot be accredited to one single event but rather an assassination of a nation’s leader and many political philosophies including militarism, nationalism, imperialism and the formation of alliances.

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A high-school dropout who was a poor homeless nomad in Vienna before the war, Hitler was not even a German citizen, he was an Austrian who volunteered to the German military when World War 1 started.

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Yellow journalism was rampant thoughout the late 19th Century world. For the first time, more people were literate than illiterate - which encouraged the growth of mass-circulation newspapers. In Europe and the United States, journalists learned that bad news, crises, alliances, and wars stimulated and sometimes even created circulation. According to W. Scripps, a turn of the century American entrepreneur and founder of a $50 million newspaper conglomerate: