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– guidance of small touristic groups (I know that I am not able to handle big groups)
– social & charity work with the vulnerable groups of society
– I like writing and I will start to dedicate myself more to writing about my experiences

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Don’t worry, developing self-care can be hard work (see what I did there?).
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This is a wonderful post and I’m glad I found it.
I am in my early 30s and was very successful in being a graphic designer, then later web designer, however I have been laid off twice in this career and since then I am a little depressed and starting to think about switching careers. It all depends who is your boss and with what kind of people you are working with. The right people can make you thrive in your job and trust you in what you do, the wrong people will make your life hell. In my current job, there is a lot of office politics and people fighting for power and I am stuck in the middle. I was hoping to switch to a rewarding career. I always wanted to help people or little children, but now I am reading about the stress from being an RN or working with small kids. I thought that perhaps an Occupational Therapist career might join the two fields together: art & medicine. Is there anybody who is currently an therapist and is that stressful since you do deal with people every day? I am creative individual, but very sensitive. I have a hard time to deal with critique, take little things too personally, cry a lot, I hate being micromanaged or work on small level tasks. I prefer projects where I can set my own schedule. I would love to receive some suggestions etc. and yes, I attempted having my own business, but I also love having a steady income. I have small children and would rather stay home with them if I could but unfortunately we have bills to pay.

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Hi Mandi! I relate very closely to you! I am an RN as well and I’m having a hard time working with stressors such a difficult coworkers, being charge nurse, etc. I do love my patients and helping others , I find great fulfillment in that. I know being a HSP makes me an even greater nurse and have noticed patients enjoy me as their nurse. But I also have trouble with difficult coworkers, conflicts, and I am the one to speak up if something isn’t right. I also take remarks from coworkers which is just situational frustration personally. I can’t talk myself out of the fact that they aren’t mad at me. I loose a lot of sleep feeling frustrated with myself from my over reaction to things but I do love my job, and for now I think I am sticking it out to see if therapy will help or possible help through this website !

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Hi Hillary, I’m so sorry you are struggling. I know that becoming a nurse is very hard work, very difficult. I cannot tell you want to do. Is there a school or career counselor you could talk to? Or a mentor in the nursing field? I wish I could give you some good advice but I am uninformed about nursing. Maybe someone else here can chime in??

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Janitorial work also suited me well. I joked with people that it allowed me to get paid for my ODC desire to clean and sanitize the world. But I wasn't joking, it WAS TRUE! 🙂 I actually love being paid to do this. There's something cathartic about cleaning/ organizing your surroundings, it just declutters your mind and spirit too.

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Hi Jill, thank you so much for sharing and I’m sorry you are hurting. You are not alone! I am interested to hear from a massage therapist because I always wondered if that would be a good job for an HSP. Other than office politics or bad management, do you still enjoy the actual practice of giving massage therapy? Congratulations on taking steps to try to find a new career that works for your temperament. Perhaps you could even do just a little massage therapy on the side once you find another job/career to do instead. What work are you looking into?