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While a few women had produced ammunition in factories during the , during the and Second World Wars they entered the munitions industry en masse. According to the , about 35,000 women worked in munitions factories in Ontario and during the First World War. In 1943, approximately 261,000 women were involved in the production of war goods, accounting for more than 30 per cent of the , close to 50 per cent of the employees in many gun plants, and a distinct majority in munitions inspection.

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Even though most of the women that worked during the second world war were said to be in the middle-class range this essay will focus on the working-class females in the society....

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So, aged 21, she joined the men and women of various uniforms and nationalities going in and out of an anonymous-looking building in Baker Street: the Inter-Services Research Bureau was, in fact, the Special Operations Executive headquarters, where Margaret was offered a job through her father's contacts (he'd worked as an intelligence officer during the First World War). Ten days later she was on a plane to Cairo – 'They needed people really badly.' In June 1944 she was posted to Bari, and then to Siena, where she stayed until the end of the war.

The war meant women had to take on a number of traditionally male roles. Their ability to do this led to a change in attitudes. Their ability to do this led to a change in attitudes. World War 1 caused the British suffrage movement to split:
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World War 1 was undoubtedly the final catalyst for women to be given the vote. However, women would have to wait until 1928 to be granted the vote on equal terms with British men. This was brought by the Representation of the People Act, which stated all women over the age of 21 could vote.

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