'Sexist' music videos should be age restricted, says report

The topic of women in popular culture is important for sociologists today because women are still far from achieving equality with men socially, economically, and politically. Music permeates all areas of modern society and affects many millions of people. The music industry is tightly woven throughout many facets of the media. From commercials to news articles, music is part of everybody’s daily life. What is sociologically fascinating about popular music is that messages coming from artists through their lyrics can affect behavior, even though people listening to music may not be aware that sexist ideologies exist in the lyrics they are hearing. Fans of popular music may say they listen to music for the beat and other aspects of the sound, but often, they may be listening because the music affirms long held beliefs that they have about culture. Music listeners are registering the words of musical lyrics in their minds, even when they might not realize doing so. If the words of the songs are registering at all, then they need to be analyzed to see what messages are being portrayed to the listener. With music being so pervasive throughout society today, sociologists must investigate the relationship between music and society’s values and customs, and how music might affect people’s behavior. Sociology therefore also needs to study the imagery of women in popular music, especially when it could have an impact on the way that society views a majority of the population (women).

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On the basis of this approach, the lyrics of the selected songs were taken at face value and analyzed as if anyone could have written them. In this study, the goal was to capture the precise image of women that is portrayed to a first-time or casual listener of the song who knows nothing about the song other than the words that are actually sung. Only male artists portraying females were studied to highlight the theme of sexism. I expect that the findings of my study will show that sexist lyrics are represented in much of popular music in the United States today and, additionally, that such sexism occurs even in unexpected areas like country music.

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Some would argue that sexism will exist in most facets of the media, including music. Based on that, I expect to find sexism in country music, even though it would be unexpected. In order for a song to be considered sexist in this study it will have to make reference to women in a way that generalizes, stereotypes, degrades, demoralizes, objectifies, or threatens physical or sexual harm. Some of the themes that arise could be very arguably sexist. This means that some scholars would argue that a statement is sexist and other scholars would disagree. In order to achieve thoroughness, I will explore any statement that could be considered sexist by scholars, even if most might disagree.

The video for Calvin Harris' a former UK number one,features dozens of women in lingerie, bikinis and cut-off shorts.
It also said rap videos, in particular, were guilty of presenting women in a sexist way, often as

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Lily Allen was criticised last year for depicting black women "twerking" - or dancing in a sexually provocative manner - in her video for , which she claimed was a satire on sexism in the rest of the industry.

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This study aims to show that sexism exists in all facets of society by exposing its existence in the widely unexpected area of country music. Within sociology, much work has been done on sexism in the popular musical genres of rock and rap, but little attention has been given to country music. The focus of this study is an area of society where sexism is often thought to be less salient. In order to do this I will use a perspective developed from sociological perspectives on culture, gender, and music, and look at popular country songs for sexist lyrics. Using a series of indicators for sexism in music lyrics, I analyzed popular country songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The study finds that many sexist themes exist, including depicting women in traditional gender roles, describing relationships with women in unrealistic ways, and attributing a woman’s worth strictly on the basis of her physical appearance.

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Female performers in music videos were likely to be "checked out" by other performers or the camera, often with a concentration on their breasts, bottoms or other erotic zones, it said.