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Yet the descriptions of physical and verbal sexual harassment experienced by the hostesses at the Presidents Club event will be all too familiar to women working throughout the hospitality industry.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital has said it will return all of the money raised for it at the scandal-hit Presidents Club Charity Dinner, where women say they were groped and harassed by wealthy and influential patrons.

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Atifete Jahjaga, President of KosovoAssuming office in April 2011, Atifete Jahjaga became Kosovo’s first female president and nonpartisan candidate. At just 37, she is also the youngest president in its history. Prior to her presidency, Jahjaga was an international interpreter, a police officer, deputy commander of the border police, and most recently, the deputy director of the Kosovo Police, holding one of the highest ranks among Southeastern European women. Childless and married to a dentist, she is said to live a modest life, while working on her master’s degree in international relations. As president, Jahjaga says her main goal is to secure Kosovo’s ranks in the European Union and the United Nations and have strong relations with the United States.

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Joyce Banda, President of MalawiA mother of five, Joyce Banda became Malawi’s first female president after her successor, President Bingu wa Mutharika, died. Although Mutharika didn’t want Banda to succeed him—giving his presidential endorsement to his brother instead—Banda refused to take a backseat and ended up forming her own party, the People’s Party, and won the election in 2011. As she promised her citizens, President Banda has gotten rid of excess waste (e.g. the multi-million presidential jet), repealed discrimination laws against homosexuals, advocated for women’s and children’s rights, and called for President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan to be arrested if he steps into her turf.

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While many American politicos and pundits are making bets on whether former Secretary of State will make a move for the highest office in the land, there are women all over the world who’ve already made history by becoming their countries’ first female presidents.

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I refused to work at the hotel ever again."Louise, who worked at the dinner in the same year, was a full-time model."For the Presidents Club event the client requested photos before we were hired."We were told to wear black nail varnish, sexy black shoes and black underwear.