Winston Churchill - May 13, 1940

What was special about Churchill?
People remember Churchill as a war leader. But he did other important jobs in a long life full of adventures. Winston Churchill loved history and in his life he made history.

What was life like for Winston Churchill during World War II?

Britain needed a new leader. In May 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister.
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Winston Churchill - June 18, 1940

A famous name
In Westminster Abbey in London, visitors see a simple stone slab. On the stone are the words: 'Remember Winston Churchill'.

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Sir Winston
In 1953, Elizabeth II was crowned Queen. Churchill became Sir Winston Churchill. He was given the for Literature, for his history books.

David Lough, author of , talked about Sir Winston Churchill’s financial situation. “Churchill’s…
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Upon his very first entrance into the House of Commons as Britain's new Prime Minister on Monday, May 13, 1940, Winston Churchill only received a lukewarm reception from the assembly, while at his side, outgoing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was heartily cheered. Churchill then made this brief statement, which has become one of the finest call-to-arms yet uttered. It came at the beginning of World War II when the armies of Adolf Hitler were roaring across Europe, seemingly unstoppable, conquering country after country for Nazi Germany, and when the survival of Great Britain itself appeared rather uncertain.

If Winston Churchill stood for anything at all, ..

The following day, June 18th, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke to the House of Commons about the disastrous turn of events in Europe amid the stark realization that Britain now stood alone against the seemingly unstoppable might of Hitler's military machine.

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Winston and brother Jack
The baby was named Winston Spencer Churchill. His mother was Jennie Jerome, an American. His father was Lord Randolph Churchill, an important person in the government at the time.

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Winston liked reading. He liked history and learning poems by heart. But his writing was bad, he was often late for class, and he lost his books.

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Britain's war leader
Winston Churchill was Britain's for most of . He was famous for his , and for his refusal to give in, even when things were going badly. For a time he was the most famous person in Britain. People all over the world know the name Winston Churchill.