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It's the wildest, most emotive and fun fiesta in Europe - Pamplona's San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) Festival is simply something you have to be a part of to experience why it is such a famous event. Join the Running of the Bulls specialists and stay at the CLOSEST and best campsite in Pamplona.! We operate quality party tours to Spain! Choose from coach tours ex London or accommodation packages. The fiesta starts on 6 July 2018 and accommodation packages are available from the 4th July through to the end on 14th July.

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Let us share some of the locals’ secrets with you and discover why even a literary genius like Hemingway couldn’t resist falling in love with our city.Make the most of your time while in Pamplona!

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It is impossible for anyone to accurately describe the spirit and atmosphere of Pamplona's famous Festival of San Fermin - it is something you'll really just have to experience for yourself. Also it is very difficult to explain why the festival is so important to the locals, all its ancient traditions and why the people of the region go so crazy during the week of San Fermin. Even though most tourists know the festival as "The Running of the Bulls" it is the amazing party atmosphere, a full-on Spanish fiesta, not the bull running that makes visiting Pamplona during San Fermin such a memorable experience.

Spanish-style bullfighting is called a corrida de toros (literally a "running of the bulls"), tauromaquia or fiesta and is practiced in Spain, where it originates, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, as well as in parts of Southern France and Portugal. In traditional corrida, three toreros, also called matadores or, in French, toréadors, each …
In Spain there are many regional and national holidays which means that there is a Spanish festival or Spanish fiesta being celebrated somewhere in Spain every month of every year. Experiencing Spanish fiestas first hand is a great way to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and to learn about important traditions and holidays in Spain.. …

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Come with us to Pamplona and Run with the Bulls! Or, maybe just watch. Yes, the bullrun (encierro) is extremely dangerous and, always, very unpredictable! That's probably why the San Fermín fiesta has become one of the world's most favorite destinations, each and every July! The traditions run deep, the history is fascinating, and the bullruns are WILD! COME with us to this very unusual fiesta, in honor of the patron saint of Navarra, San Fermín - clients in past years have all confirmed that they have left Pamplona with memories that will last a lifetime!!

You don't know Pamplona or the Festival of San Fermín? We can help. We work with our longtime friends - residents of Pamplona - to secure the best balcony spots in the old city. We also offer apartments and rooms in the old city and excellent tickets for every evening's bullfights. Most of our balconies have a fabulous view of "La Curva", also known as the "Dead Man's Curve" - the famous corner of Mercaderes and Estafeta! Our rooms and apartments are all located within the old city so, while it may not be very quiet, you will always be in the absolute center of the old city and amidst the action for the famous festival. The bulls will nearly be at your doorstep, as our accommodations are all within the old city and just a few minutes walk to the bullrun! Bullfight tickets can be very hard to obtain in Pamplona during the festival,and buying tickets from scalpers (illegal in Pamplona) has become increasingly risky. You can make your reservations through us ahead of time. You can purchase just bullfight tickets if you wish.....we do not require you to buy an expensive "package" to arrange our services. All keys to rooms and apartments and bullfight tickets are picked up at our office on Calle Dormitalería, very conveniently located, in the center of the old city.

The fiesta season in Seville moves up a notch as spring arrives in the beautiful capital city of Andalucia. First of all Semana Santa (Holy Week) takes place then two weeks later it’s the Feria de Abril or Seville April Fair as we foreigners tend to call it.

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We offer a choice of Pamplona packages, covering the entire fiesta from the opening on 6 July through to the closing on 14 July. Our flexible camping (and Glamping) accommodation only packages are very popular with people making their own way to Pamplona. Our London coach tours cover the sensational opening ceremony of San Fermin on 6 July. We offer a choice of 6 day Pamplona or one way coach tours. Best of all, we operate from Pamplona's closest (and best) camping ground - Ezcaba - a fantastic base to operate your Running with the Bulls tour from.
NEW Hotel Accommodation options have now been added to our website also for those who prefer a bit of comfort. PLEASE NOTE the deposit amount on a hotel tour is £100 per person (non-refundable).

Coach Tours
Our 6 day Pamplona tour offers the fabulous opening ceremony party and the first 2 running of the bulls plus plenty of chances to explore the festival and the town of Pamplona.
We also offer a one-way coach tour option. Same as the 6 day tour above but coach travel is either one way from London to Pamplona or Pamplona to London.

Make your own way to Pamplona
Join us at our camp close to Pamplona with our flexible and economical accommodation packages. Available from 4 July to the end of the fiesta on 14 July. Two night minimum stay. Twin share or single tent and dorm room options are available.
NEW HOTEL PACKAGES - Three night packages for the nights of 5th, 6th and 7th of July so you can take in the absolutely amazing opening ceremony and have an opportunity to run with the bulls twice.

Flying and Transfer Options
Fly to Spain and join our accommodation only package. We also offer a tailored transfer service to/from Bilbao or Biarritz airports and other airports on request. From luxury taxis, to mini buses up to full coaches. The price will depend upon the size of the group.
Hire car: use Opodo for very economical car hire, ideal for smaller groups. 3 day hire from around just £75.
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Watching the Bullfights. On every evening of the fiesta beginning at 6.30pm on 7th July there is a bullfight in the Pamplona bullring. Tickets for the bullfights are sold out well in advance as the arena only holds 12,500 people.

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The cornerstone of PP's determination to operate the most professional tours to the Running of the Bulls, is our deliberate policy of operating out Pamplona's Ezcaba camp - the closest to the city's old town - as well as offering tours that also stay on the Spanish coast at Zarautz. Being so close to all the action means you really can make the most of your San Fermin Fiesta experience - you can really party from dawn to dusk and then dusk to dawn! Not only is Ezcaba the best camp in the region and only a 15min shuttle ride away, it is THE party camp. With its own stage, live music runs from July 4 to 7 and the atmosphere at the camp is electric.