Nope.)Even a small cloud containsmany tons of liquid water.

I had read about these for years and where we live in Northern Indiana we didn't see them hardly ever until the last year or so and up til that time things were pretty good. Since then we have seen many of them all the time and the days they are there are the days my friends that have asthma issues have major flare ups along with friends with arthritis and fibromyalgia. There HAS to be a connection. Also our garden grew great for 3 years and this last year everything was weird, some things grew but very tiny and deformed and other things didn't grow at all and they had years in the past. I am sure it is because chemicals are in the soils let alone the rainfall. And reading through the comments it doesn't surprise me that there weren't chemtrails in AZ area as that is the general area they tested other things that are hazardous to our health. My bf grew up close to O'Hara airport in Chicago and he remembers blue skies with white fluffy clouds for most of his life and not long thin clouds..come on that is where there are TONS of planes..if there are automatically those clouds wouldn't he have been used to them living so close to a MAJOR airport?

So why *DO* clouds stay up there?

Clouds stay up there because they're significantly less dense on average than the surrounding air.
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And His light was set in the clouds of His glory.

(He used a metal object because sparks cannot be directly drawn fromthe twine; it's conductive, but not conductive enough to make sparks.)
His experiment told Franklin that some stormclouds carry strong electrical charges, and it that lightning was just a large electric spark.
The common belief that Franklin easilysurvived a lightning strike is not just wrong, it is dangerous: it mayconvince kids that it's OK to duplicate the kite experiment as long asthey "protect" themselves by holding a silk ribbon and employing a metalkey.

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I am hoping and praying that President Trump will put an end to chemtrailing. The government has to be spending billions on these chemicals and some are I think purchased from China. I find it so unbelievable when people I find intelligent think chemtrails are contrails. I live on the WA coast on the ocean on a Peninsula with the Columbia River on one side and Pacific Ocean on the other. I can see the ocean from my house and for the past two years I watch them chemming back and forth and there is NO flight path here. When it's cloudy I can hear them up there going back and forth above the gray overcast sky. They cannot allow more than two nice days with blue sky until they attack the sky and make it gray in several hours. President Trump please stop this madness and give us back our fresh air again and sunshine.

Then, and only then, will God's house be filled withHis glory (the cloud).
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When waterevaporates,it turns into a transparent gas called "water vapor." When it condensesagain, it can take the form of rain, snow, rivers, and oceans, but it alsocan take theform of clouds, mist, fog, etc.

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Height of base: 7,000-17,000 ft
Colour: Grey or white, generally with some shading.
Shape: Several different types, the most common being either patches or a sheet of rounded elements but may also appear as a layer without much form. When viewed from the ground, the size of individual elements will have an apparent width of 1 to 5° when at an elevation greater than 30° (the width of one to three fingers at arm’s length). Even if the elements appear smaller than this the cloud is still classified altocumulus if it shows shading.
Other features: Occasionally some slight rain or snow, perhaps in the form of a shower may reach the ground. On rare occasions, a thunderstorm may occur from one type of Ac known as altocumulus castellanus – so called because in outline, the cloud tops look like a series of turrets and towers along a castle wall.

CORRECT: Clouds actually remain aloft because they are warm inside

Probably the most unusual colour for a . This is thought to be due to a cloud containing a large amount of water being back lit by reddish light, such as at sunset. Water is naturally blue because it absorbs red. The light falling on the cloud appears red because the blue component has been scattered, and then the red component is absorbed by the water in the cloud, leaving green.