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This is an aristocratic act comingfrom an aristocratic character: you take your own life when youbelieve that you failed somewhere -- and the solution is to inflictthe ultimate penalty on yourself. ; but theembarrassment, the shame, the guilt that are hard to bear. Someonecallous, indifferent to the harm done to others would have livedcomfortably ("it is all about money"). Christianity never allowed suicide; thestoics did --it allows a man to get the last word with fate.

I speak French fluently so my brain recognizes it as a separate thing

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Chili history: There are no beans in San Antonio’s specialty.

Ideally in an ideal situation you would live simply with a hiddenstash somewhere that nobody knows about. Nobody hangs around with youbecause of your money; nobody laughs at your jokes because you arerich.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Key Event as part of story structure

As we have more computers and more variables to work with(consider the genome project), our rate of false inference shouldshoot up. This is what happened in economics, since our ability topredict economic variables has not improved (& even degraded) inspite of zillions of papers showing “statistically significant”results from economic data. Rob Engel got the Nobel for ARCH thatonly works in past data (but does so beautifully), almost never outof sample. “Multiple regressions” are plain dressed-up.

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Your analysis of your story’s Hook, Key Event, and First Plot all sound correct to me. The Inciting Event should be the turning point halfway through the First Act (at roughly the 12% mark). It’s the Call to Adventure, where the protagonist first brushes, and, in some measure, rejects the main conflict. You can find more on that in my free e-book .

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Lost with where I ‘belong’.Who am I?Am I the stay at home mum, who lost her job when she was 9 weeks pregnant with her second child, and decided to stay at home to save money on childcare?Or am I the award nominated blogger trying to grow and monetise her so she can work from home and also save money on childcare?Am I the small business owner who decided to launch her own so she could grow her own business and provide for her family?Or am I the doting wife who makes sure dinner is cooked, laundry is clean and the house is tidy for when her husband gets home from work?Am I me?I am all of the above.

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Hinduism and Islam are two major religions of the world

This brings me to a greater problem that the historian’s craft.I will state the fundamental problem of practice as follows. While intheory randomness is some intrinsic property, in practice, randomnessis what I called inchapter 1.

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Another major error (again voiced by two economists, amongwhom was (angry) Lord Eatwell): you cannot observe without sometheory. Even Galen used it as his lame argument “Logos is neededfor observation … observation is impossible without logos”. Itmisses the point entirely. Empiricism is not about having beliefs: it is about avoiding to be a sucker, a decided andpreset bias on where you want your error to be –where the defaultis. An empiricist defaults to suspension of belief (hence thelink with the skeptical Pyrrhonian tradition), while others prefer todefault to a characterization or a theory. Mostly, avoid the ! (we empiricists prefer thedisconfirmation/falsification bias).

This sorting hat test includes all of the questions from Pottermore's test, so it is very accurate

There are two contributing factors to Japanese Engrish

Not necessarily. In most stories, they will be so closely related as to almost be the same thing. They’re just two sides of the same coin. The Key Event is where the conflict smashes into the character; the First Plot Point is then where the character smashes *back* into the conflict (in short, he makes the decision to engage rather than walking away).