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In 1952, staphylococcus infections were about 100% curable with penicillin; in 2014, only 2% of British staphylococcus organisms reacted to penicillin. New antibiotics are continually invented to overcome the developing resistance of bacteria. The weakening and destruction of the immune system is one outcome of antibiotic use. Antibiotic use is nearly universal in the American population, and new “super bugs” appear every year, so more powerful antibiotics are developed. Now, hospitals are the realm of those super bugs, and nearly 100,000 Americans die each year due to infection that they acquired in hospitals, which will often not respond to antibiotics. At the rate it is going, the antibiotic age will be over soon, as the “bad” bacteria will have adapted to all the antibiotics that have been thrown at them. The effect on the immune systems of those who have taken antibiotics has been immense, especially as Americans take antibiotics these days for the slightest sniffles. The price for short-term relief will likely be long-term disaster, and work demonstrates what other problems collapsing immune systems can lead to. The antibiotic age is a form of arms race, in typical masculine fashion, always seeking ways to make the perfect weapon. Arms races never have a happy ending.

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In the 1970s and 1980s, three major studies were published on the effects of coronary bypass surgery, and they are the only studies published to date. None of them demonstrated a significantly higher survival rate for the group that had bypass surgery versus those who did not. Even the angiogram that supposedly diagnoses people who “need” bypass surgery is virtually worthless, as attested to by all the studies published to date. Even though the diagnosis and treatment are worthless, the coronary bypass business is among Earth’s most lucrative, raking in more than $50 billion per year in America. When Dr. Henry McIntosh at the Baylor College of Medicine, where the first bypass surgery was performed, published an assessment of the first ten years of bypass surgery results, he stated that there were virtually no measurable benefits from bypass surgery. Soon after publishing his paper, he was forced to leave Baylor. His is not an . People with private insurance are 80% more likely to have an angiogram than a Medicaid (welfare) patient, and are 40% more likely to have bypass surgery. In his book, , after Charles T. McGee, M.D. exposed the scam that American medicine is regarding artery and heart disease, he then recommended what people should do to prevent those diseases. His advice was almost all about eating live food, just as in . Fortunately, his book has not yet been banned.

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Here is a page of links about the narcotic effect of carbon monoxide which is totally absent with cyanide gas:

Cyanide gas causes intense excruciating pain and convulsions. CO causes headaches and little pain, if any. The differences are enormously important to understanding and unraveling the holocaust lunacy. When people inhale smoke from their cigarettes deeply, they often get 3-1/2 % CO and they enjoy the taste—even though such a CO concentration would certainly kill them eventually. The well known ease with which people killed themselves in their cars from CO gave support to the false idea that the same thing must have occurred with cyanide gas in Nazi gas chambers. After only a few minutes in a Nazi gas chamber, a guard would supposedly announce: Cyanide gas is, however, totally different as the true horrors of gas executions in the US have proved again and again. It is all the more reason to reject the holocaust hoax. Carbon monoxide suicide attempts in cars can be terminated easily if the victim simply opens the car door or window but thousands refuse to even make the effort;—the pain, whatever pain occurs, never seems to be all that unbearable. If the gas involved in such suicide attempts were cyanide instead, the pain would be unbearable and the intended victim would terminate their own suicide attempts. Are there any known suicides with cyanide gas? Not with cyanide salt or liquid but with cyanide gas? I can only doubt it.

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What Americans did not know about diethylene glycol was that Fishbein was working behind the scenes with Philip Morris to design their research. After looking at the original data that Philip Morris produced, Fishbein told them how to create "good data" that they could promote. They took his advice and hired Michael Mulinos, a pharmacologist at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, to perform a study on diethylene glycol. Mulinos's study appeared in the in June 1935. Mulinos reported that rabbits that smoked Philip Morris cigarettes with diethylene glycol had three times less swelling of their eyes than those who smoked the brands using glycerine. That study became the cornerstone of Philip Morris's promotional campaign. Philip Morris's chief chemist and nine of his assistants canvassed the nation, spoke at major medical conferences, and hyped the research results, and targeted doctors in particular. Their ads offered free cigarettes to doctors, and Philip Morris even sent representatives to doctors' offices to give them free cigarettes while promoting diethylene glycol.

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Now, Mr. Hitchens, please tell me where was the bravery in Butcher Harris’ and Winston Churchill’s long and honourable military careers? There, in Iraq, they tested what they perfected in WW II on a much grander scale.