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We were racing through half-heard formulae until my husband, who was conducting a seminar on the psalms, suddenly suggested that we work our way through the psalter in six verse bits read before each meal. This has worked out wonderfully, although perhaps people will object that it is not really grace. Still, it often--even usually--starts out a dinner table conversation on matters theological. That is especially wonderful, I think, for my thirteen year old, who gets to ask questions in a general conversation instead of in a self-conscious teaching-the-young context. She gets to see when we are puzzled, in addition to witnessing the things we feel sure about. As for the psalms not always being consistant with the theme of gratitude for gifts given, I take some comfort from the thought that they were, as I understand it, used as worship--some of our best conversations have arisen from the issue of how such angry, sad, bloodthirsty poems fit with a loving, giving God. As we try to answer that, we learn a lot about gratitude for all things.

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Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters. Molly Watson. Profile; Twitter; Facebook; Email; 37 Printer-Friendly Version [Image: Robyn Lee] Editor's Note: In today's modern world, matters of manners are more complicated than ever. Emily Post never had to deal with incessant Instagrammers at the dinner table, but you probably …

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Contextual factors throughout one’s life can affect education and health. For example, biological characteristics can affect educational success and health outcomes, as can socioeconomic and environmental conditions such as poverty or material deprivation. These influences appear to be particularly acute during early childhood, when children’s physical health and academic success can be influenced by biologic risk factors (e.g., low birth weight, chronic health conditions) and socioeconomic status (e.g., parents’ education and assets, neighborhood socioeconomic resources, such as day care and schools).36 School readiness is enhanced by positive early childhood conditions—e.g., fetal wellbeing, social-emotional development, family socioeconomic status, neighborhood socioeconomic status, and early childhood education—but some of these same assets also appear to be vital to the health and development of children and their future risk of adopting unhealthy behaviors and adult diseases.3740 Early childhood is a period in which health and educational trajectories are shaped by a nurturing home environment, parental involvement, stimulation, and early childhood education, which can foster the development of social skills, adjustment and emotional regulation as well as learning skills.41

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“Being able to advocate and ask for what you want, helps to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. … If it's needing your community to have green spaces, have a park, a playground, have better trails within the community, advocating for that will help.”

May 19, 2010 · Learn Why Food Sustainability Matters and What You Can Do Today to Eat Sustainably.

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[As of 2005] My sons are now almost 12 and 14. When they were young, I introduced them to different prayers. As a matter of fact, collecting prayers to teach them was my key motivation for starting this project. They started with children's prayers (, , and ). They are now Boy Scouts and give thanks at least once every summer camp with the . I taught them what I learned from my parents (), and it's always a familiar comfort to pray that way together when our extended family gathers for a meal. However, after editing this collection for seven years, I have settled on this variation of a traditional Anglican prayer as my favorite. I encourage my sons also to pray spontaneously, but our family has made this our standard. Many complain that memorized prayers lose their meaning with repetition, but I experience a mystical, amplifying effect when all gathered around the table are praying in unison.