thank u for how to learn english.

Thank ours teacher for this leosans,I like so much to learn English language, because I injey when see i have ability to speak with a some one and also I improve my english very well more over I like vedio

hi i am aya i want to know how can i learn english in this site

Hi, Really, excellent method of learning English language. Thank you very much.

OOOOH! What a great way to learn, and teacher is great as well.

I’ll be thankful to both of you for having wonderful idea’s that comes from a great talent. at my age i realized how bad i am in terms of speaking and writting english, and becuase of you guys i have now the pattern or guide on how to learn english i know it help’s a lot. thank you very very much…more power.

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i really liked the way you teach, i have been learning english for 4 years and still thinking in my language and translating into englsih,and also i’m not confident always think about mistakes and grammar. i shuld be thankful to you for teaching me not to think about grammar and just listen read and rpeat. i already threw away my textbook thank you for saving me from those kind of boring methods. kind regards.

what is a good day today! i finshed the 7 rules of learning english thank you my dear lacturers…….

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thank you very much,now i fine the real way for learning English
from this rules that i have received on my email,it is the basic for every one to teach English,and how to speak Goodwill sir

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Hi AJ,THANK YOU for this free seven rules! I realy enjoyed that rules,they are a great!I will continue to learn english with your lessons. I will buy them because i belive, they will help me to improve my english. Thank you so much!

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Hi, I am from Indonesia. I want to say thanks for teaching me a new way of learning English. I have to admit that your ways are making surprise to me, but also making something greats for learning English that I never heard before. It’s so exciting and I think it’s also more realistic to learn English without confusing like the normal ways through textbooks or attending the language school. Well, once again I want to say thank you and your team is so amazing.

Hi teachers, finally i found how to learn english properly thank you so much,:)

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my teacher I likes to learn English for family reasons I am an expert French and there is a convergence between English and French advise me what I do with the problem I prononced the words in French

One again thankssss very much that you try your best to recommnent me how to learn english.

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I am just want to say to you all Teachers of Learn Real English, that this program are 100% right. The 7 rules that you are teaching us are match with my own experience to find ways to improve my English for years. Thank you to share yours Language secrets knowledges. I am pretty sure that you all guys are helping a lots people around the word. I already started indicated this program for close peoples which should be introduced to best English. Good Job! Really Good!

Your philsophy of teaching English (or another language) changes of all my mind. You did great! I want learn more,PLEASE!

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i’m very glad…this is very good way to learn abuot English…eventhough my program in my campus is languange & literature English,sometimes i’m still confused..but now.i think i ‘ll change the rule to learn English..thank’s for all of teacher…