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Hello Victor,
Exposure to SOME UVB is essential to producing vitamin D, not exposure to an exponentially higher amount than what has been historically normal.
I have great respect for Dr Mercola and I am not sure of exactly what quote you are referring to from him.
You can not get UVB without being exposed to UVA. UVB in excess amounts is extremely harmful. This fact is well documented if you google the subject.
Yes, UVC is worse still and we are indeed getting measurable UVC in our readings.
I would suggest you double check exactly what Dr. Mercola said, I believe it is probable that some clarification would straighten out this confusion.
I believe Dr. Mercola’s statements on the record or in his writings would not at all be in conflict with our data. Again we have the upmost respect for Dr. Mercola.
Keep spreading the word Victor, we will yet bring this issue to light. I would also suggest helping to share the “skyderalert” interactive web site.

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Some cold plasma units also have the capability of producing short-lived of ozone which include O4, O5, O6, O7 etc. These isotopes are even than ordinary O3.

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Ozone can be applied to the body in a number of ways. The Germans have a long history of applying ozone in a therapy known as . This therapy requires the removal of a pint of blood from the body, ozonating it, and reintroducing the blood into the bloodstream.

“We know the mechanism for this, because it’s the process that affects the Antarctic ozone hole.”

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The thrust of the orthodox pharmaceutical agenda is to provide temporary relief, while never addressing the cause of the disease condition. This agenda insures regular visits to the doctor's office and requires the patient to routinely return to the pharmacy to refill his prescriptions. This is what the game is all about folks, plain and simple. Deny it or Deal with it,...Stick with it or Get Out of it! ... your choice.

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All cold plasma ozone generators can easily produce high quality Ozonated Water, which can be ingested as often as desired. The effects of drinking ozonated water on a regular basis can be very healthful. People with serious disease conditions will notice more-pronounced effects in a shorter space of time than those who are in good health, but the benefits of ozonated water are realized by all who use it, whether you have a serious health concern or not. The ozone from the ozonated water passes into the bloodstream via the stomach/small intestines and provides the benefits of ozone without the need for expensive equipment. Some people notice a very slight sensation of light headedness the first time they drink ozone water. It's temporary and usually only happens the first time- if at all. The reaction is due to slightly more oxygen reaching the brain than normal. Ingested daily, ozone water will progressively send ozone into deeper tissues of the body, oxidizing non organic drug residues and hidden, dormant pathogens. You might be surprised to learn that the virus that gave you chicken pox as a child or herpes as a young adult is still hidden deep within the body such as in the nerve ganglion at the base of the spine. Your immune system developed antibodies which normally hold these residual bugs in check, but that doesn't mean that the bugs are gone, as any person who suffers recurrent bouts of herpes will attest. But if you hit them long enough and hard enough with ozone (or certain other alternative therapies), they be gone-for good.

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Although ozone high up in the stratosphere provides a shield to protect life on Earth, direct contact with ozone is harmful to both plants and animals (including humans). Ground-level, “bad,” ozone forms when nitrogen oxide gases from vehicle and industrial emissions react with volatile organic compounds (carbon-containing chemicals that evaporate easily into the air, such as paint thinners). In the troposphere near the Earth’s surface, the natural concentration of ozone is about 10 parts per billion (0.000001 percent). According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to ozone levels of greater than 70 parts per billion for 8 hours or longer is unhealthy. Such concentrations occur in or near cities during periods where the atmosphere is warm and stable. The harmful effects can include throat and lung irritation or aggravation of asthma or emphysema.