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I left Spain after that and stayed in England. Then after a couple of weeks, an attempt was made on my life. It was using a combination of Enhanced Witchcraft and weapons No. 1. I fled to Finland. At this time, as well as trying this, Brian attached weapon No. 4 and the horrendous net prison system. This was before he made an attempt on my life. I managed to survive it all right. Uunfortunately, the cords that are described in the prison system still remain with me and can be seen as red cords.

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a. What are the main security measures applied to individual prisoners? How are they applied?
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I have been hit by most of the weapons over my lifetime. I think I was targeted as an infant. You will be able to determine which of the weapons have been used on you and establish effective protection.

The reptilians have huge blind spots. They are 5th dimensional but have reversed their consciousnesses to source and are functioning with difficulty in the astral and the third dimension. They feed off humans and their focus is on the astral and physical planes. They do not see what is arrayed against them in the higher dimensions. The reptilians are totally outgunned but refuse to admit it. As parasites they cannot become greater than their hosts lest they kill the source of their food. By parasitic necessity humanity needs to be kept in control and alive. -Thus the plan they are following makes diabolical sense but is ultimately folly. The hybrid reptilian/human will not work as the soul polarities are opposing, the DNA would implode.

They are a house divided and will fall. The messing with the akashic records is in the astral, the main storage is in the -Soul Matrix in the 5th dimension and the reptilians have not been able to touch those records. Jennie Gospell (Susan Reed) was able to sort out the changes done to -her astral akashic records because the Soul Matrix was untouched. The changes made - by the reptilians were illusionary and temporary. I remember my teacher saying in 1970s "I like Prince Charles, he is a good one."

The heart attack machine was used on my teacher at 2:40 AM in April 1976, age 55. He survived, though his heart stopped for over 20 minutes. Lots of protection.

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We could regain control over ourselves easily, it is our right and the laws help it on its way. So all we need to do is start wanting to be the one in control and it will begin. We need to know what it is we truly desire and desire it more and this will draw it to us never mind what the reptilians want for us.

Q - The clamp that I saw. What does this do? B - It slows the heart right down.
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This because of being stopped from doing alternative auditing I wanted to know and when exactly had that guilt been refreshed from 4500 years ago! because it was the guilt that allowed the mistreatment. So I saw a Michael Newton trained in-between life regression therapist. I found that the guilt had first be refreshed after the life I had as an Indian religious man. It was in the 1600's. In that life I meditated all day, my energy was radiant, I was serene and loved everybody. I died with a smile on my face knowing I was going to be enlightened. But after death I was devastated to be shown images of what I had in that ancient commander life and that was when I was made guilty again. I was told I had much karma to pay back from that very life! I was miserable as a spirit, In disbelief, I knew I had no karma and hear they were saying I did. I had no choice but to accept it and chose to pay the karma back as quickly as I could. What happened to me next is as follows:

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In July 2013 there was an epidemic of salmonellosis in Barczewo Prison. 68 people (prisoners and wards) were sick. According to the data obtained from prison authorities several steps were taken to block the disease spread. Phone calls, walks, cultural activities and transports were suspended. Outside visitors were informed on the risks connected with their visit to prison. Diet meals were applied throughout whole facility. Prison kitchen, laundry and toilets in cells were regularly disinfected. What is more, training on avoiding similar situations in future and cleanliness in prison was conducted among staff and prisoners.

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Supervision over legitimacy and accurateness of carrying out the prison sentence or remand (pre-trial detention) is being conducted by the penitentiary judge by visiting prisons and convicts in custody and other places where prisoners are detained. The judge has full access to those places at any time, without any restrictions, including revision of documents and possibility of demanding an explanation if deemed necessary. The judge also has the right to interview the prisoners, in the absence of third parties, examine their complaints, and request or waiver any decision of prison director by announcing it illegitimate.