~Nietzsche, , 1886Music is what life sounds like.

Almost everyone has certain beliefs and lives by them every day. They may be as simple as decorating your home in a certain way to have a certain balance of energy, or as complicated as practicing a religion. I believe that without music, the world would be different. Today if you ask people what it is that they believe it might take them a while to answer. Most people think that having a belief in requires something as strong and life changing as those that people had in the 1950’s through the 1970’s. What they might not notice is that believing in something does not have to be at all complicated. I have a belief. It might not mean much to many people, but it helps me out a lot.

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One thing is certain, music is all around us and will always be there. Music is a form of expression that allows people to reflect upon different ideas and concepts. It is an art form that has the power to get people’s attention and interest. Without music, life would be completely different and boring. Music is essential to our everyday life.

If I ever have a life without music, I'll let you know

I believe that without music the world would be such a dull place. Just look around, there are so many different genres of music and so many different rhythms to listen to. People from China do not listen to the same type of music that people from Brazil listen to. Each type of music is tied to the culture or lifestyle of the people listening to it. For the most part, every type of music has a dance or movement associated with it. Anyone can identify with at least one of the many musical genres.

But I did spend one day without listening to, teaching, singing, writing or composing any music
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~Oscar Levant, explaining his way out of a speeding ticket

Handel, whose soul was raised to heaven, who sang of heavenly things; Haydn, whose cheerful and happy strains breathe forth the golden age, and whose magic chain twines round the heart, and delights the senses; Mozart, immortal Mozart, like immortal Shakespeare, king of composers, who left on earth all the inexhaustible treasures of his luxuriant mind; Beethoven, the kingly master of composition, prince of genius, super-excellent in all the deep and sombre conceptions of music idea, whose fancies seemed to flit from earth to heaven, as though to feed his soul with heavenly melody; Steibelt, his music is a scene of life, a vessel on the ocean, now tossed from wave to wave, now sailing on the unruffled sea in delightful calm.

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I beg of you, if by some chance this obscure book falls into your hands, do not smile with noble disdain, do not shrug your shoulders; do not be too sure that I complain of an imaginary evil; do not be too sure that human reason is the most beautiful of faculties, that there is nothing real here below but quotations on the Bourse, gambling in the salon, wine on the table, a healthy body, indifference toward others, and the orgies which come with the night.
For some day, across your stagnant life, a gust of wind will blow.

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~Jean Paul Richter

Music echoes the rhythms of the universe
Music is audible time
Music is the past and the present
Our heartbeats are the drums of life
We dance to life, not music
~Terri Guillemets, "Walking…hearing," 1994

All the shopping malls and restaurants and airports are riddled with low-fidelity loudspeakers, which apparently have developed the ability to reproduce by themselves; these are all connected to a special programming service called Music That Nobody Really Likes, and you cannot get away from it.

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~Michael Torke

And the night shall be filled with music,
And the cares that infest the day
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs
And as silently steal away.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,

He who sings scares away his woes.