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Just to note,even if one parent does give consent, it is still unlawful to keep a child under section 20, which is supposed to be a voluntary agreement, if the other parent withdraws their consent( presuming they were asked in the first place) and that other parent can provide suitable accommodation. Children cannot just be taken by Childrens Services , without a court order or freely given consent. The police can take them under a police protection order, but once again cannot take them without one.
If you are in proceedings ,your solicitor should really be explaining to you what is happening.

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The Court of Appeal has given us a lot more information about the Hackney case. This shows that what went wrong was linked with the new model of practice ‘Reclaiming Social Work’. Some social workers have been misreading the law – by thinking that the ‘no order’ principle means they should never go to court unless it’s absolutely necessary. This can lead to a lack of balance in decision-making and might explain the huge variations in practice between different authorities. I have written about the Hackney case in: Our Duty of Care to Children

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A Police child-protection officer told a parent he was INITIATING a Police Protection ORDER under Section 46 of the Children Act. He said the ORDER would need to be signed and authorised ( i.e. issued) by a Police Inspector. The parent was not shown the order prior to her children’s removal. The Social Worker’s took the children without seeing a copy either. Does this support Helen’s belief that there is no such thing as a Police Protection Order? I understand what she is saying and in the past many others ,lawyers and advocates included ,have told me the same thing. But can you see the contradiction here? Police claim one has to be initiated, then signed and issued and indeed the procedures are written down in section 46 guidelines. Yet parents claim they never see one and SW’s say there is no such thing.
In the particular case I am talking about , the CS day sheets state that on the Friday night in question, after the children had been taken into care, the duty SW contacted the Police three times and asked for a copy of the ORDER. The sheets also record that at 11.15 p.m. the ORDER was faxed to the CS office. The Mum telephoned the Inspector who told her he had signed and issued an order and explained why. Mum has requested a copy of the order repeatedly to no avail. Was there one or not? Or were the children taken into care by the CS illicitly?
Maybe Sarah or a Policeman could help us here and explain.

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