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In both of these cases, the therapist’s best clinical planning has been brushed aside by case managers with another agenda, presumably formulated by management with the intent of reducing costs. In addition, the limitations the MCOs may attempt to enforce will occasionally violate or seek to side-step mental health parity or other regulations. The preference of some managed care companies to prescribe medication instead of therapy is well known (Burns, Walker, & Rey, 2012; McGrath & Rom-Rymer, 2010). In both cases, the ideal ethical conduct of the therapist would be similar. First, firmly but respectfully explain the reasons for the recommended treatment plan. Cite supportive research and other factual data whenever possible. If the case manager does not agree, respectfully ask about the appeals process or request to speak with a supervisor. Again, make the case in a thoughtful, rational manner, stressing the potential adverse consequences of not following it (e.g., failure to address the significant family relationship problems will undermine the chances for permanent change and may result in need for hospitalization or more extensive and costly interventions later). If there is still no favorable resolution, therapists should meet with their clients and present both their recommendations and the response of the benefits management company. Clients should also be told of their own recourse (e.g., complaints directly to the management company, complaints to their employer, or contacts with regulatory agencies) if they wish to pursue such options. The three principles involved are holding the best interests of the client paramount, advocating for the client in a professional manner, and involving the client in the decision-making process.

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A: The Privacy rule is not intended to impair the flow of information necessary to provide patient care; however, it does provide that a covered entity must implement reasonable safeguards to protect a client's . A covered entity must have in place appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect against uses and disclosures not permitted by the Privacy Rule and limit any incidental uses or disclosures. The rule does not , however, prohibit or prescribe the exact means by which a covered entity must achieve this goal.

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While it is one thing to give didactic or explanatory lectures about therapeutic techniques, it is another thing entirely to apply techniques intended to have some psychotherapeutic outcome in the context of a course or seminar. First, certain therapeutic techniques, such as group confrontation, can have a harmful impact on some individuals. In other cases, individuals with serious somatic problems might seek out psychologically based treatments such as relaxation training instead of first obtaining proper medical care. Without appropriate screening and follow-up, the sampling of seminar topics seems more like random indiscriminate episodes of play with therapy techniques. They may be educational, but are also potentially harmful if targeted at the lay public in a commercial venture. In addition, the promises or claims alluded to, especially in the ads from the Karma Institute and Psycho-Tronic Laboratory, are at best inane and at worst blatant misrepresentations. One can hardly be taught the work of Harry Stack Sullivan in a few hours during a group seminar, and cogno-effective reprogramming seems a term conjured up by an Orwellian psychotherapist. Communication Associates mentions training in their ad, but they target it to the lay public. Whom do they intend to “train to train” and for what?

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This suggestion is not nearly as well thought out as your position, so it may be flawed. Perhaps the alternative is to change our mindset about who is qualified to govern and to regulate. Someone who doesn't understand the implications, risks, and opportunities technology provides is not competent to govern, legislate, or regulate our modern society. We need to elect and appoint people who are technologically literate. It's a scary thought that someone who was a perfectly capable Senator even 10 years ago is now dangerously incompetent to implement public policy. But that's where I think we are. Our government officials must be educated or replaced.

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However, the inquiry does not stop here. Even if you are not a "covered entity" under , it is important to note that Mental Hygiene Law Section 33.16 would permit a "qualified person" (i.e., the patient or a person with legal authority to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient) to request access to a clinical record that is "in the possession" of a facility. Therefore, if a qualified person requested access to an 8 year old record of an inactive patient that was nonetheless still in the possession of a facility, and the grounds for withholding the information were not met, that information should be released as a matter of State law. It is recommended that you consult with your program attorney to clarify exactly what legal requirements are applicable to you in this regard.