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The divide along a demographic line reveals the effect of Internet videos, social networks, mobile phones and video games — in short, all the alternatives to the television set that are taking up growing slices of the American . Young people are still watching the same shows, but they are streaming them on computers and phones to a greater degree than their parents or grandparents do.

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Do your children sit glued to the hellivision for hours every day watching nonsense and wickedness?
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The study supports its finding by the observation that on 54% of occasions people were watching live television they were with someone else compared to 30% for video on demand.

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One reason for that, which the research does not address, is that watching television is often not so much a shared experience as a negotiated experience.

"A very innocuous and pleasurable way [to get children to read] is through television.
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The YouGov survey questioned a nationally representative sample of over 2,000 adults from across the United Kingdom in May 2013 and found that they claimed to watch 16 hours of live television a week, 9 hours recorded and 6 hours catch-up in a typical week.

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The researchers found six main reasons that people watch television: to unwind, for comfort, to connect, for an experience, to escape, or to indulge.

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Watching television can help children learn to read as they can become hooked on characters they will want to follow up in print, a panel of authors and literacy campaigners have claimed.

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Bernard Ashley, a former teacher and author of books including The Trouble with Donavan Croft, argued watching television was a way for children born into poverty to learn to love reading even without educated parents.

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By watching television or a film, you are likely to have acquired a number of new phrases. Experts recommend that you concentrate on learning 7 new phrases per day as slow but thorough expansion of vocabulary tends to have the longest and most successful result. If you practise and repeat these words and phrases out loud each day, you are bound to notice improvements in the ways you use – and your confidence with – the English language.

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One thing is clear, there is a real need for more research into why people watch television and particular types of programmes, as well as measuring what they watch, when and where, if we are to understand how they can best be served in the future.