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When I was a young boy my parents had to rent a home and we wound up in inner city Cleveland, Ohio where every home was owned by a Jew. Now, being Catholic was found out real early after we moved into our rental apartment upstairs of a two family home. The kids knew right away I was a Catholic and every night I was chased home and they were after me! All Jews were the chasers yelling foul names at me. At one point I asked my father why I was not a Jew. Today of course I know how evil they really are and closed off from Christians. Killing Jesus was not enough for them.

Stay strong and believe in prayer.

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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (US, Noontide Press, 2003), p 64.

There are the “too honest” ones more who could not give a hoot about the fact that they sound like lunatics, and would never in the real world of how they treat their health, and money, and loved ones accept such facts or reasoning. They even blame these “vain, self-important nobodys” for the climate.

What do we say when we sneeze? A Jew.

In a sense, perhaps more in reading the comments than the article, I come to the same conclusion that (I believe it was) a certain Australian did already about 20 years back: There is no greater proof of Jews specialness than the grand worldwide theater of the absurd, the huge efforts spent across the planet in words and actions, to try to prove that the Jews are not special at all and have no reason to believe that they have any sort of historical mission. [Such efforts might have been more practically spent convincing the German people of such concerning themselves prior to WWI & II, wouldn’t you think?]

Rav Moshe Chaim Lozzatto (Ramchal), The Commentary of Ramchal on the Torah, BaMidbar [Numbers].

Instead of telling us gentiles why we hate you, why not just ask?

My 55 old husband was diagnosed July 2010. He went to UT Medical Center Cancer Inst. in Knoxville, Tn. for treatment and Dr. Keith Gray was his surgeron. His treatment plain was 28 days of 5FU chemo and daily radation post-op. December 2 2010 he under went the whipple procedure. The tumore was dead and was able to taken completly out, all the path reports came back normal. He just had CT scan and blood work 6/11 and everything is still clear. We trusted God to gide us through this journey and prayed for a complete healing miracle for all to see to glorify God. We don’t know what God’s plan is for him but I thank God everyday for this miracle. Never give up only God knows your what our future holds. If you are looking for survial stories I had I pray this will give you hope that all things are possible through God.

What if each view was necessary – what then?

My 72 y.o. husband was diagnosed with Stage III adenocarcinoma in the head of the pancreas in February 2010. His tumor was large (4.6 cm). Chemotherapy had no impact, but radiation plus chemo (Xeloda) shrunk the tumor and the cancer went into remission. My husband has had two PET scans and tumor markers show no signs of cancer. His last treatment was in November. They attempted to do the Whipple in February, but found the cancer had spread. However, despite being restaged to Stage IV pancreatic cancer (there is no Stage V), his cancer appears to be dormant. He is not on any chemo. Next scan will be in November. This is rare, but it can happen.

Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein, Shem MiShmuel [A Name Out of Samuel], Haazinu [Give Ear], TARAP (1920).

Stalin often refereed to pro Communist Jew’s, as “useful idiots”.

Nobody was hurt. No damage done. Now consider what Mossad was capable of! They are Jews and they destroyed the Twin Towers in NY with nuclear explosives!

Rav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook (the Raiah), Orot HaKodesh [Lights of Holiness], Vol. 2, 415.

Jew’s suffered greatly, but they weren’t the only ones suffering.

Now more than ever, the Jews need to restore this principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself” and in so doing become a light unto the nations, i.e., a positive example for all of humanity to follow. They need to treat each other as brothers. In so doing—seemingly overnight—there will once again be peace between Jew and non-Jew. The stethoscope is in their hands.

Rabbi David Solomon Eibenschutz, Willows of the Brook, Nassoh [Take].


My dad was diagnosed with PC in June 2008. He had a Whipple at one of the Mayo Clinic Hospitals in July 2008. The cancer was found in several lymph nodes but at that time had not spread anywhere else. In Feb 2009 he had another surgery to remove a tumor that had developed in his incision line. He underwent radiation and chemo. He had some clear scans, but soon they found a tumor on his liver. He contiued chemo and had a scan that showed the tumor on the liver was no longer visible. He had some variation in the cancer marker levels, but has been doing well. He has had 3 good PET scans and is continuing to take oral chemo in an effort to keep things at bay. I believe he is our miracle man. My heart goes out to all who have shared their stories, or stories of their loved ones. Remember there can never be too many prayers or too much hope!!