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Starting at the historic border crossing at Chepstow, the Way offers a 100 mile walk, mainly on footpaths and bridleways, through this most English of landscapes. Above all, the walker gains a unique perspective on the Cotswolds. Firstly, from the Forrest of Dean, the Cotswolds appear as a distant 'High Blue Hill', next the Way leads through some fine villages, before the descent to the landmark Abbey at .

How many of those drunk pedestrians are hit y drunk drivers?

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New California Cycling Trips
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Excessive drinking is the problem not walking.

Discover the Cotswolds set amidst gentle rolling countryside and enjoy Somerset with its picturesque Mendip Hills. Also the beautiful Wiltshire Downs and its heritage together with the contrasting scenery of Exmoor with its coastline, heather moors and wooded combes.

Its not walking that's the problem, nor is it drinking. Join M.A.D. – Mothers Against Driving!
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Royal Shakespeare Theatre - Stratford-upon-Avon

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Swan Theatre - Stratford-upon-Avon

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LEVITT: For every mile walked drunk, turns out to be eight times more dangerous than the mile driven drunk. To put it simply, if you need to walk a mile from a party to your home, you’re eight times more likely to die doing that than if you jump behind the wheel and drive your car that same mile.

The recommended walking stages are as follow:-

On the other hand, while drunk walking may be dangerous to yourself, no third party has ever been killed when they were run over by a drunk walker. While it may be a worse decision for the individual, they are internalizing all the costs rather than passing those costs on to other drivers or pedestrians.

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The Cotswolds is particularly famous, apart from the wonderful ancient villages, for its outdoor activities including countryside hiking walks and importantly the famous Cotswold Way Walk from to the .