The influence of sex and violence on the appeal of rock music videos.

Since TV commercials use sex to get attentionand link their product with pleasurable feelings; andsince music videos are merely commercials, it comes asno surprise that MTV contains sex as well as violence.

An investigation of sex-role stereotyping in music videos.

MTV launched VH-1 (Video Hits-One), a stationcatering to older music fans, in 1985.
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To sum up, this Dreamworlds Theory explains themusic video world for what it is: a land where malesexual fantasies run wild as imagined by rock videos’ producers.

Music Television (MTV) and the Effects of Sex and Violence

It appears that music video images can lead tothese results based on two possible changes:(1) desensitization – an individual judges rape as not sucha bad crime because of his long-term exposure tosimilar incidents on MTV or (2) attitude – one developsa positive attitude toward rape because it seems thatwomen want to be raped or they deserve it.

Senate Hearing that music videos contain too much sexand violence (Vincent, 1989).
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With Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, William Hurt

A study by the NCTV of 160 hours of music videosconcluded that viewers are exposed to an average of 18instances of violence per hour (Kalis & Neuendorf, 1989).

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Hansen and Hansen (1990) found sexy videos toelicit happy or sexual feelings, while violent videostended to increase feelings of fear, anger, oraggression.

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In 1984, the National Coalition on TelevisionViolence (NCTV) argued that the sex and violence inmusic videos makes them “unwholesome” for youngviewers; the American Academy of Pediatrics reinforcedthis opinion in 1988 (Hansen & Hansen, 1990).

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Several effectsrequire “special attention:” (a) sex rolestereotyping, (b) attitude change in regards to sex(women in particular), (c) arousal and cultivationeffects in regard to violence, and (d) individualdifferences in regard to the above effects.

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Over half of themusic videos present women as sex objects and assomething less than a person, while 16% of the videosinvolve implicit or explicit nudity (Vincent, 1989).

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In a study by Hansen and Hansen (1990), subjectsrated the music and visual content of music videos withhigh amounts of sex as the most appealing videos;however, videos with high amounts of violence decreasedthe popularity of both the music and the visualcontent.