On May 25th, Poetry Daily featured ’s “Parthenon Marbles” from .

The socio-cultural model may focus on social labels and roles assigned to an individual as well as the support structure of the corresponding social network. Jack, for instance, grew up in an Arizona reservation which whose structure was more socially cohesive than that of the major East Coast city where he attended college. A change in this social environment would lead an individual to lose his sense of balance thereby influencing abnormal emotions (Comer, 2007, p. 113). Jack therefore lost his place in the social network as he had to relocate to another society and culture in order to seek further studies.

On May 15th, Poetry Daily featured ’s “The Doubles” from .

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After obtaining the history and performing the physical examination, you discuss smoking-cessation aids. The patient mentions that he has read about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes); he has friends who use them on a regular basis and have stopped smoking cigarettes altogether. He is interested in trying e-cigarettes as a smoking-cessation aid and asks for your opinion.

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It can be observed that Jack’s condition has developed into an anxiety that manifests itself in different somatic forms, including dizziness and shortness of breath, as well as cognitive symptoms such as enhanced fears especially after nightmares. These developments in Jack’s situation will influence the diagnosis from that of a Generalized Anxiety disorder to a condition that is characterized by panic attacks. By using the Decision Tree for Anxiety to analyze the condition yet again, it can be noted that Jack exhibits an anxiety that is associated with recurrent ruminations or worries which are more intrusive thereby changing the initial diagnosis.

has chosen ’s poem “Elegy with a Gold Cradle” () for The Best American Poetry 2017.

Bentley, G. E., Jr. Blake Books. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1977.

Taking up the public role of the reviewer—that of guide, interpreter, and evaluator—Brandon Amico also responds to ’s Meet Me Here At Dawn with the heat of a private reading passion. We feel him taking in the work from all sides, looking to account for the many aspects of this poet’s distinctive practice.

N Engl J Med 2016; 374:2172-2174 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMclde1602420

Fathers and sons, errant fathers and their abetting sons—the bonds are never easily calculated. Sometimes it seems that the more irregular the family circumstance, the stronger the compensating urge. “Donut Man” is a road story, a look at a chancy hustle from a less-familiar angle.

’s poem  (AGNI Online) has been selected for the 2015 Best of the Net anthology!

What is your recommendation for this patient?

Patients also need to understand that the quality control in e-cigarettes is highly variable and that even the labeled nicotine levels are often inaccurate. Heating the e-cigarette liquid exposes users to ultrafine particles, aldehydes, and other toxic chemicals. Most important, there is already evidence of immediate adverse health effects; long-term health effects are not yet known.

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2. Do not recommend trying e-cigarettes for smoking cessation.

Fortunately, the medical system is changing. Hospitals are seeking designation as “Baby- Friendly” facilities, in which the goal is to encourage excellent infant-feeding outcomes and mother–baby bonding. Some hospitals are offering water tubs in the first stage of labor, and still others are diligently working on performing family-friendly cesarean sections. These changes may help create the atmosphere women are seeking, while at the same time allowing them access to emergency care, if needed.

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Comer, R. J., (2007), Abnormal, New York, Worth Publishers

A concussion protocol is, at least by one definition, a set of guidelines used by the NFL to assess responsiveness and determine potential damage from collisions on the field—of play, and by poetic extension, of battle, and by further poetic extension, of life. Smith quickly traverses the vast agon of history before narrowing to what feels like a moment of specific impact . . . and then moving, as a poet must, from the familiar question to a far larger inquisition.