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In Matrimony the outward sign, is thenatural contract expressed in words or signs; the inward graceis the supernatural help conferred on the parties, which enablesthem to bear the difficulties of their state and to perform theirobligations towards each other and towards their children; theinstitution of marriage as a Sacrament by Christ we know fromScripture, tradition, and the positive teaching of the Church.

II. Christian marriage has the properties of unity and indissolubility.

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The Pure Gospel Sacrament of Baptism is very different than the traditional baptism that has come into practice. While we use water in the ceremony, the water is an allegorical symbol of the necessary inward cleansing of the mind and body that is necessary to be a true Bride of Christ. Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within each of us (see ) -- and the Sacrament of Baptism is the environment where an inner Spiritual Union and Marriage with the Bridegroom is able to be brought about by the faithful disciple of the Living Christ. And it is for this reason that it was taught that -- which is why Paul commanded all Christians to . Because the Son of God dwells within the mind of every person -- and he knows the substance of our thoughts and mindset as stated in the Original Gospel teachings that Thus, by the thoughts of our heart are we able to connect with the Indwelling Son of God -- as stated in Proverbs 4:23: And therefore it is the Original Teachings that the Son of God . Because the Kingdom of God is within us -- that every person is a divine expression of our Heavenly Father -- and we draw near to Him with the Thoughts of our Heart -- and as stated in the Original Teachings that if a disciple strives to

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When the Scriptures call him who keepsan adulteress 'a fool,'(14) it means an adulteress who after her delinquency refuses to repent, and perseveres in the career of turpitude which she had commenced."(15) In perfection and dignity itis clear, therefore, from what has been said, that marriage amongthe Jews and Gentiles is far inferior to Christian marriage.


The faithful are also to be informed that there are three advantages which arise from marriage,--offspring, faith, and thesacrament,--advantages which alleviate the evils pointed out bythe Apostle when he says, "Such shall have tribulation of theflesh,"(16) and which render honorable (17) that intercourse whichwithout marriage should be deservedly reprobated.

The first advantage, then, is that of legitimate offspring,--anadvantage so highly appreciated by the Apostle that he says, Thewoman ..." shall be saved through child-bearing."(18) Thesewords of the Apostle are not, however, to be understood to refersolely to the procreation of children; they also refer to the discipline and education by which children are reared to piety, forthe Apostle immediately adds, "if she continue in faith." " Hastthou children?" says Ecclesiasticus, " instruct them, and bowdown their neck from their childhood."(19) The same importantlesson is inculcated by the Apostle; and of such an education theScripture affords the most beautiful illustrations in the personsof Tobias, Job, and of other persons eminent for sanctity.

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There are various views on the existence and meaning of such rites

On June 12, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois issued a decree regarding same-sex “marriage” (SSM) and “related pastoral issues”