The war was lost for two broad reasons.

[] : Ron Kovic, a US Marine paralyzed from the chest down in the Vietnam war, addresses the Democratic National Convention in New York which had convened in New York to nominate Jimmy Carter for the presidency of the United States.

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Includes speeches by Fanny Lou Hamer, Ron Dellums (Berkeley City Council), Joe Cole (one of Fort Jackson Eight/GIs United Against the War in Vietnam [see ; , 1970]), and Dan Siegel (UC Berkeley Student Body President).

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In the broadcast, addressed to "Dear American Friends", Pham said: "This fall large sections of the American people, encouraged and supported by many peace-and-justice-loving American personages, are launching a broad and powerful offensive throughout the United States to demand that the Nixon Administration put an end to the Vietnam aggressive war and immediately bring all American troops home..." Nixon immediately sends Vice President Agnew before the press to demand that the leaders and sponsors of the Moratorium repudiate the support of a regime that "has on its hands the blood of forty thousand Americans." Not surprisingingly the Moritorium leaders refuse.

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"McNamara, had decided to leave the administration in November 1967, tearfully cussing 'the goddamned Air Force and its goddamned bombing campaign that had dropped more bombs on Vietnam than on Europe in the whole of World War II and we hadn't gotten a goddamned thing for it.'" [, 2008]March 16, 1968: Under the command of Lt.

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The leaders of North Vietnam consider the March on the Pentagon tomorrow as much of their war effort as the guerrilla warfare in South Vietnam and the North Vietnamese army assaulting our troops on the battlefield.

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108-109]Senator John Stennis (D-Miss) comments about the Pentagon march: "It is clear from the evidence that I have that this is a part of a move by the Communists, especially of North Vietnamese government, to divide the American people, disrupt our war effort, discredit our government before the entire world.

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866 UC Berkeley seniors and graduate students sign an oath and affirm it publicly before the assembled group: "Our war in Vietnam is unjust and immoral.

There were a couple of reasons for this

The suit concerns a CBS sepecial () in which it is alleged that Westmoreland and others had deliberately underestimated Vietcong troop strength in order to maintain morale and popular support for the war.

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He called upon the University administration to ban the ceremonies on any part of the UC campus; to revoke the registration of the campus draft opposition organization, and to institute disciplinary action against faculty members who have been aiding the draft resisters." Reagan subsequently comments that even if the assembly is legal, it is "still beneath contempt." He contends that only thing saving the demonstrators from being guilty of treason is the lack of a formal US declaration of war on North Vietnam.