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And AGAIN…I do *not* discount the experiences of MGTOW guys. I’m not sure how to make that point more clearly. In fact, you may be angering scads of these guys by saying that first interactions with women are “often very easy”. The vast majority of men I work with–regardless of their attitude toward women–would vehemently disagree with that.

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Meanwhile, I’ve met exactly TWO men in eleven years of doing this who have successfully met a great woman overseas and had it not yet turn into disaster. And for what it’s worth, neither of them were MGTOW.

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You know, all of you MGTOW guys are reacting to 2nd wave feminism rather than leading as masculine men. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is why you see and experience what you do. If you find any success with women overseas, it’ll be because of the language barrier not despite it.

I’ve been signing my personal e-mails with “cheers” for years. I understand it as a combination of a valediction and a statement of gratitude.
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We exist who take care of our minds and bodies, but we just aren’t airbrushed, pixellated perfect. And we ARE being ignored. And it’s NOT because we are fat, or 45 years old, or whatever dumb fuckery MRAs and PUAs and MGTOWs are harping their balls off about. Dudes just aren’t wanting us anymore because the illusion of ‘perfection’ is so paramount to the male ego. So they get their perfect fix from the porn and etc, and some loaded guys buy the illusion of the real thing in the flesh. Do you see the sickening template? When I first saw this and got over my feelings about it, it was freeing. I truly take care of me for my own health and well-being now. I do not care about attracting men anymore because it may be futile. Better to just try and live a good life and be a person that I can respect when I look in the mirror. Amen.

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Lorenz's analysis can readily be expressed in information-theoreticterms, with the environment as the signal source and the organism asthe receiver. Organisms need to reduce their uncertainty about whatdemands the environment will place on them and to develop in a waythat meets those demands. There are two ways to do this. The first wayis to gather information about the environment during development. Thewater flea Daphnia pulex monitors chemical traces ofpredators as it develops. If an individual flea detects evidence thatpredators are present, then that flea grows defensive armor. Thus, aflea's possession or lack of defensive armour reflectsenvironmental information. The alternative is to inherit informationfrom your ancestors. The human sickle cell allele has harmful effectsin homozygotes and survives in a population only because it confersresistance to malaria in heterozygotes. Hence the fact that anindividual carries the allele provides information about theprevalence of malaria in the ancestral environment and thus, probably,in the environment of the organism which inherits the allele. Thesickle cell allele can thus be seen as passing on information aboutthe environment which was ‘learnt’ by ancestors throughnatural selection. To the extent that the functional adjustment of atrait to its environment is explained by ‘inheritedinformation’ of this kind, Lorenz argued, the trait isinnate. Hence, albeit in a very different way from Tinbergen, Lorenzalso came to see whether a behavior is an adaptation as the keyissue. Writing in the 1960s Lorenz naturally assumed that genes werethe only source of inherited information. It is now known that muchinformation about the environment is transmitted from parent tooffspring via epigenetic signals, such as methylation patterns on theDNA or RNAs from the mother included in the egg. For example, if afemale water flea detects predators and grows defensive armor, itsoffspring will develop armor even if they do not detect any evidenceof predators themselves. Lorenz's theory would imply that traitsproduced in this way are also innate, since they reflect inheritedinformation, albeit epigenetically rather than geneticallyinherited.

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Okay, I do agree with the part that there’s a wing of extremely angry women who are somewhat successfully attempting to propagandize people into thinking male heterosexuality is politically incorrect. But most women aren’t like that. Could it be that the lifestyle you advocate in your previous post is simply a self-fulfilling prophesy? People will treat you the way you train them to.