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The US Supreme Court recently decided a case in which language was discussed on the basis of corpora. The question was about the words person and personal.

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The power of the next President when it comes to the Supreme Court is not lost on congressmen and senators alike; there has been considerable uproar at the prospect of Clinton appointing a liberal justice with to appointees coming from the GOP. Most recently, if Clinton wins. It seems like justice is facing some tough injustice as we wait to find out what and who will tip the scales after Tuesday’s election.

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Justices are appointed for life. With at least one appointment (and possibly four) pending, the next president will have the opportunity to identify and appoint individuals to the Court who will rule in accordance with the president’s agenda. Unlike the laws or orders that a president may institute during their term, Supreme Court appointments cannot be so easily undone by the subsequent Commander in Chief. So, by shaping the voice of the Supreme Court—a body that makes rulings on a wide range of topics, influencing American culture, politics, and law—the next President will leave an indelible mark on this nation that will allow his or her political and moral ideals to long outlast even an two-term presidency.

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The Supreme Judicial Court, established in 1820 when Maine separated from Massachusetts, is the State's highest court and the court of final appeal. It has seven justices, presided over by the Chief Justice, the head of the Judicial Branch.

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