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In these scandals, it was surprising or rather disappointing that the owners and the CEOs were not only conducting their businesses unethically, but they were also encouraging other stellar managers to indulge in the scam.

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The common reason behind unethical behavior is that 'business is warfare; and everything is fair in love and war.' Highly qualified individuals, people who have had the best of University education are found to be indulging in unethical business practices and the sad part is that they don't feel guilty about it.

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Blame it on our popular sub-culture, an individual who cheats his way up the ranks in organization is thought of as 'cool' and 'smart' and the age-old saying, "Hard work is the key to success", has been replaced by "Smart work is the key to success." It is very important that we go back to the basics and help employees in clearly distinguishing between ethical and unethical business practices.

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Sub-ordinates on the other hand are under immense pressure to complete their targets as their career prospects, depend to a large extent, on their performance, and if the performance is not up to what the manager expects, the chances of growth are slim.

Personal greed and a desire to further one's career are the other reasons that push people to indulge in unethical business practices.

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They also point out that most of the reasons are psychological in nature, and as they have put it, these are "webs of deception" which make it difficult for us to differentiate between ethical and unethical practices.

There are myriad examples of unethical business behavior that one gets to witness or hear about in today's business environment.

adj not ethical; improper: companies involved in unethical practices