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Sometimes we get so busy with trying to settle them in a accommodation and forget to look at the fact that what happens after it…
So many women get taken advantage of from landlords by overcharging them or not being able to find suitable accommodations because not many landlords consider dss rentals. This is also another major reason that women end up going back to their perpetrator because trying to deal with all these issues sometimes just get a bit too much, specially for a person who is already like a half broken wall that anyone can come and tear it down, completely .

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‘Because I have been harmed by men before, I didn’t feel that safe in mixed homelessness projects. In one it was dormitories with curtains between the beds rather than rooms. There was a separate section for women, but still there was lots of heavy drinking and fighting. It is important to have a lock on your door.’

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Research carried out on behalf of Crisis has shown that women who are homeless are often extremely vulnerable and can take desperate measures to get a roof over their head. ‘The Hidden Truth About Homelessness’ shows that 28% of homeless women have entered an unwanted sexual partnership to gain a bed for the night, and 19% have engaged in sex work. Over half (54%) have experienced violence or abuse from a partner and rates of mental health problems were higher for women than for men.

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There needs to be more information available to women so they don’t have to sleep rough and they can know where to go. I think Councils are not as helpful as they should be to women who do not have dependent children. There was no way for me to find out about all the accommodation or housing schemes that I was eligible for. I think there are less single homelessness services out there for women because society perceives women as mothers and homemakers.

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For example, a person-blamer might argue that a poor person is poor because he or she is not bright enough to succeed. In other words, the deviant is the cause of his or her own problem.

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Lack of appropriate housing and homelessness is a significant problem for the women we work with. It is a common factor in the development of higher mental health needs and/or it can lead to (re)offending. We consider there to be large gaps in the provision of housing for women with mental health needs, complex needs and women leaving prison.

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The Community Link project works with women to prevent them becoming homeless, especially when they leave prison. We have found that local authorities are increasingly reluctant or unable to house very vulnerable women. As a result, women have gone on to commit offences in order to return to prison and have a roof over their head. Another aspect of our work to prevent homelessness is supporting women when their housing does not come with adequate support or does not meet their needs. For women in the community with housing problems, we support them if their tenancies are at risk, addressing such problems as relationships with neighbours, rent arrears, mental health and drug issues where we can.

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Since its inception in 2007 the FIP has developed partnerships with local housing providers who can identify families at risk and refer them on to the FIP to prevent homelessness. While an average intervention costs £14,000 per family, according to the DfE, this is less than the cost to a housing provider to evict a family (and saves other services money too). The financial benefits of the service make it a sustainable model.