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Giles’ (2003) book Media Psychology primarily defined my original concept of the field. Giles covered the development of media psychology within psychology and communications research over the past century, concentrating on media effects, media violence, advertising, media representations, and other research topics related to mass media. Many of these topics about the media also have been featured in the media and are a part of the public awareness of the field of media psychology. My initial understanding of media psychology had been limited to common public awareness issues; however, I soon discovered that one of the most exciting things about this area was the breadth and depth of topics being explored. Much like the media technologies that form the basis of the interactions we explore, there is always something new on the horizon.

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Media psychology is in a unique position to involve both researchers and practitioners due to its diverse history and expanding interdisciplinary reach. The connection with the public created through media allows the sharing of information garnered from psychological research; yet beyond that, providing general advice through the media also requires an understanding of how best to create media so as to allow for an understanding of such research. Discoveries are being made at an accelerated rate in the social sciences, and the ability to share that information accurately with the public is an invaluable application of psychological media research. Media psychology is a field with a diverse past and rapidly expanding future that offers both research and educational opportunities for students in any area of psychology. ♦

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The American concept of media psychology practitioner is also evolving. Founded in 1987, the American Psychological Association’s Division 46: Media Psychology was developed around psychologists practicing in the media. The original focus of this division centered on members acting as experts in the media, hosting shows, and training others for media appearances. In the past 20 years, a new group of media psychologists has evolved both within APA and outside of it, looking beyond the media technologies and incorporating the cultural systems that develop around them.

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The mass media and popular culture mediate the world for us by providing the images, information, stories, templates and categories we use to see and understand everything around us. Understanding Media Studies is a lively and thought-provoking text that looks at how and why the field of the media has taken on such a central role in contemporary society and culture. Using an up to date framework and current examples, this book guides students from square one to a complex understanding of the key concepts of media analysis.

Focusing on the relations between the media and its audiences and users, the book examines the forms of address, strategies, literacies, and practices that characterize those relations. The authors have used recurrent case studies acrossthe chapters to illustrate different concepts, helping students to view forms of media in a number of contexts.

* A clear structure and good sign-posting of key concepts allows students to easily navigate the text.
* Case studies are integrated into the text to create a strong narrative flow.
* Contemporary examples are used to demonstrate the relationship between bodies of theory and socio-cultural practices.
* Glossary terms are included in margin notes throughout the text (with a full glossary at the end), making the material more accessible to students.
* An integrated Companion Website accompanies the book--providing further information, case studies, and annotated weblinks.

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