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Efficacy, however, also has a wide variety of conceptualizations and definitions, to which we now focus our attention.Civic EfficacyAlbert Bandura (1977) argued that efficacy, specifically self-efficacy, was “a belief in one’s personal capabilities” (p.

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Such an initiative would increase civic literacy, foster civility among citizens,promote understanding and appreciation of democratic institutions and processes, and enhance a sense of political efficacy.The groundwork for the renewal of civic education has already been laid by more than two decades of commission reports, books, and articles by educators, scholars, and journalists.

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Aaron Bodle is an assistant professor in the Department of Early, Elementary, and Reading Education. He is interested in educational responses to changing conceptions of citizenship and place in a globalized world. His teaching, research, and service all seek to contribute to teachers’, teacher educators’, and theorists’ understanding of identity and diversity, power, national and global citizenship, civic efficacy, and social responsibility.

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