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Using an interactive life balance exercise, Jennifer examines what a full life is and provides practical perspectives, guidelines, and examples to help attendees think about their lives— what is working, or not working, and ultimately, what matters most.

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This is a fun and unique way to socialize! Empower U will provide the munchies!
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Most think networking is the casual conversations we have at social or professional gatherings. True networking is much more than this and crucial to building your career network and business.Networking is working. When you are networking your goals should include teaching people who you are, what you do and what kind of opportunities to send your way. It is building relationships on the foundation of trust and involves give and take with others in your network.In this class, we will discuss the need and planning that must be done to effectively network to achieve your goals and build your professional identity. Strategies and tips for maximizing your networking time will be shared.The class will include a panel conversation and sharing by those who know and use networking to accomplish their business goals. The group will include a member of the MSJ Career Center, the Founder of H7, the fastest growing business networking group in the U.S. and Joe Saylor, an area insurance agency owner who has built his agency on the power of networking to locate quality clients. The time will also include question and answer time with the class attendees.6:30 – 7:00 Social meet and networking opportunity.

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Networking is working. When you are networking your goals should include teaching people who you are, what you do and what kind of opportunities to send your way. It is building relationships on the foundation of trust and involves give and take with others in your network.

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The Sunshine Laws Certification Training, provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, is a three-hour certification training session provided to all elected officials, and/or their appropriate designees, as well as members of the general public.

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Seventeen year old Wayne Dammert entered the Navy in 1954, returning home in 1957. Unable to find work he became a dealer at the Southgate, Ky. Club when it was an illegal mob casino. He worked there until 1961, when reformers cleaned up Northern Kentucky and shut it down. In 1965, he went to work with AM Harris as a Design Draftsman where he was working when the club re-opened in 1971 as Cincinnati’s classiest nightspot. Wayne returned to the club to work part-time while still working at AM Harris. He met his former Rockette wife, Betty, there. As captain (maître d’), he collected autographs and pictures from many Hollywood comedians, singers, dancers, etc. He was at the Beverly Hills Supper Club the Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend, 1977, when he saw a fire “roar through like a freight train” killing 165 guests. He led more than 100 to safety through cave-dark, smoke-clotted hallways on the second floor, and he prayed over dozens of the dead and dying. Before finding his way out Wayne was trapped on the second floor, he still remembers a vision that flashed before him in that dark hallway choked with smoke and frantic people, a sudden bright picture of his wife and children in a meadow. It only lasted a second, but he felt it was God telling him to get out of there.

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Early Warning Signs of Drug Addiction and what we can do to stop the tide of drug trafficking…. What are the early signs of addiction? How should you respond to them? How can you be instrumental in help stemming the tide of this drug epidemic? Do not miss this opportunity to learn from Chief Synan, Police Chief of Newtown, as he shares his experience and expertise with us.In 2014, after watching the last of an entire family die from drugs, the last two from heroin, Mr. Synan met with other members in Hamilton County and helped form the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition where he sits on the Steering Committee and Chair Interdiction. Mr. Synan coordinates law enforcement efforts to reduce supply and works with other members to help reduce demand.Chief Synan will address many issues including:What does addictive behavior look like, and what are the early signs of addiction in teenagers? What can parents do to stop the behavior before it becomes a full blown addiction?What does the drug dealer gain from synthetic drugs, how strong is addiction, is incarceration the answer for the addicted abuser? Why Chief Synan believes there should be no limit on the number of times Narcan is administered, understanding the drug abuser is not the villain in drug addiction. You’ll leave this class with a better understanding of addiction, why this epidemic is out of control, and just what our law enforcement and first responders are dealing with. What can you, the average person, do to assist reducing the damage this epidemic is causing in our society?Speaker Bio:Mr. Synan’s wide experience has allowed him to have a unique look into the heroin crisis. Mr. Synan is a United States Marine Corps veteran and a 24-year police veteran with the Newtown Police Department. For the last 10 years he has served as Police Chief and as a SWAT Team Leader veteran.Mr. Synan was asked to testify in Washington D.C. at a U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee giving testimony on synthetic opiates and the impact Fentanyl and Carefentinal have had on the country. Mr. Synan was a speaker with President Clinton and other distinguished panelist for the Clinton Foundation discussing the opioid crisis. His work with the Coalition has been used in national and international publications and media outlets. Mr. Synan has spoken internationally on the heroin issue. Mr. Synan has been able to see all the ways that heroin touches lives and all the efforts it takes to help individuals, families struggling with addiction and the impact on communities; and has an in-depth understanding of the complexity of this issue.