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Sanctity of life has become a phrase that is sneered at by the elite, the media and many in government. Those of us who have faith, do consider life sacred, a gift from God. The utilitarians believe they have the right to end life at any time they deem appropriate for the "good of society." People of faith believe we do not have the right to end life, that life has a purpose, a meaning beyond what someone in a federal health system treatment board could see. If life has a meaning and purpose, then it is not even our own right to end our life. Our is seen as resting in God's hands and its end something allowed within God's timing, not our own. Our life is seen as dedicated to the purpose of our lives, a service while on this Earth, and something that can still be useful to God, others and ourselves up till the time we take our very last breath.

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Those promoting "controlled death," "death with dignity," or outright "euthanasia," know what it all means, what the implications are for changes to come in the future, even if those on the side of life still don't fully "get it." The bottles of champagne have been uncorked by those favoring eugenics, euthanasia, assisted-suicide and utilitarian government. And while the major media produces programs and prints articles that ridicule those who criticize the law as "right wing nuts," the aggressive rationing of health care it involves will eventually, directly and negatively impact the lives of you and your family.

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The enshrines into law a system diametrically opposed to what most Americans believe. It creates a system where government bureaucrats (not the public) determine whether care is provided or not. Its mandate that all Americans buy into the government-approved system negates the basic freedom that Americans have always had to choose whether to buy something or not. "Pro-choice" does not apply here. "No choice" is the new policy. While promising to extend health care coverage to all, they intend to limit care that is provided to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill. How do we know this is their intent? The leaders the administration has put in place to design and administer the program have told us what they think, what their goals are and how they will implement them. It is clear they will achieve some of their goals by limiting reimbursements to those who provide medical services.

that an organization should be set up which would have one principal purpose — to ensure that no government ever again obtained complete power over its people. A man who felt himself wronged should be able to go somewhere to buy a defensive gun. You cannot imagine what a great forward step that was. Under the old tyrannical governments it …
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Man what a horrible future the author is painting for America. This future government will confiscate your weapons, and cops will just do their jobs,( the just following orders mantra).

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The Enlightenment began in France, and in no small measure had the European experience in North America to thank. Although the Enlightenment looked back to ancient Greece’s democracy for political inspiration, in major ways classical Greece was a poor example: slaves outnumbered citizens in Athens and women were nearly prisoners in their homes. When the Enlightenment began, humanity’s only functioning democracy was the in the area of present-day New York State. Iroquoian women elected the chiefs, ran village life, and cast their children’s vote in proxy, for a balance of power between the sexes that no Western society has yet approached. History being the ultimate ironist, George Washington led the effort to eradicate Iroquois society. The in much the same way as 1940s Jews saw Adolf Hitler. The largely classless societies among the North American natives, and the freedom that was such a natural part of native life, were attractive to Europeans, which led to a long-standing colonial problem: colonists .” Later theorists such as Friedrich Engels drew upon the Iroquoian example. The Iroquoian government was very democratic, with decentralized power and had no executive branch, which monarchical Europe could not countenance, so the framers of the USA's Constitution invented the executive branch, which has undermined the other branches ever since, amassing power to itself (so that those who control the president control the government). Ben Franklin, the American ambassador to France, .

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If evidence-based medicine is used to ration care and decide what treatments are offered citizens under Medicare, Medicaid or a possible national health system, who decides what evidence and what studies are used? Who decides what the conclusions should be? Will the physician and patient decide or will a bureaucrat somewhere in the government, a PPO, HMO or other managed care company decide?