The Traditional Chinese Medical View and Treatment of Endometriosis

In addition to surgery and pharmacotherapy, complementary treatments can be used whose efficacy has not been documented by scientific evidence. Women whose quality of life is impaired by cyclical or chronic pain want treatment in order to achieve a pain-free state with a better quality of life and an improved ability to engage in productive activities In a specialized endometriosis center, the patient’s individual situation can be stabilized or improved through a team effort, with the active participation of the patient herself, her treating gynecologist, the surgeon, the pain specialist, and the psychotherapist. Before treatment, these women’s problems are often severe enough to cause the loss of a job or of a life partner.

The surgical treatment of endometriosis

Other Natural Treatments for Endometriosis and Uterine Fibriods

Home treatment may ease the pain and discomfort of endometriosis

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The treatment goal may be to reduce pain symptoms, shrink endometriosis growths, restore fertility or prevent recurrence of the condition.

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31 year old Emily presented to the clinic with a chief complaint of painful periods and trying to conceive with no luck for five years. She was accompanied by her husband, and appeared very shakey and upset. She had had a diagnosis of endometriosis from her gynecologist. She had two surgeries; a D&C with myomectomy, and laparoscopy to remove adhesions on her ovaries and uterus 13 months lafter the first operation. She had just completed her third intrauterine insemination attempt after twelve cycles of Clomid, all of which failed. She stated that she was very sensitive to the effects of exogenous progesterone. She was discharged from her latest reproductive endocrinologist’s protocol because she refused to receive any more injections. She said the stress of the fertility procedures was driving her insane.

For the treatment of Endometriosis, one of the first tasks in herbal medicine is to try and re-balance the hormone levels in the body.

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First, the infiltrated portion of the bladder should be dissected free of the body of the uterus or the cervicoisthmic junction until the macroscopically disease-free vesico-uterine space is reached Next, a whetstone- or orange-slice-shaped partial vesical resection is performed (). The trigone of the bladder near the ostium, together with its neural structures, is the most vulnerable part of the bladder whenever partial vesical resection is performed, either openly or laparoscopically (, ). Nonetheless, an R0 resection should be the goal. The bladder is then closed with a seromuscular suture and tested for leak tightness by retrograde filling with methylene blue dye. Transurethral urinary drainage is recommended for six days after surgery. The most serious complication of this operation is a so-called neurogenic bladder: vesical denervation, caused either by endometriosis or its treatment, may necessitate either permanent catheterization or the implantation of a vesical neurostimulator in a young female patient. Adjuvant anti-endocrine therapy is given in accordance with the current national guidelines for deep infiltrating endometriosis ().

Endometriosis is usually diagnosed on the basis of a history of pelvic pain, a physical examination, and a laparoscopy.

Treatment of infertility in women with endometriosis.

LUPRON DEPOT® (leuprolide acetate for depot suspension) 3.75 mg and 3-month 11.25 mg are indicated for the management of endometriosis, including pain relief and reduction of endometriotic lesions. LUPRON DEPOT with daily norethindrone acetate 5 mg is also indicated for initial management of endometriosis and for management of recurrence of symptoms. Duration of initial treatment or retreatment should be limited to 6 months.