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He dislikes unnecessary acts of violence and cruelty, originally intending to mutiny only after the treasure was in hand and thus, avoiding bloodshed as much as possible, and is generally honest and honorable in his piratical dealings.

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However, soon after, Silver had to tell his mutinous crew that he saw Jim as nothing more than a "nose-wiping little whelp" to keep them in line and Jim hears this just as they arrive on Treasure Planet itself.

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From rare minerals to ancient relics, the search is deep and wide. Become a treasure hunter or miner and supply the never-ending demand of a planetary economy.

Just before Silver left, he gave Jim the few gems he had managed to salvage from Treasure Planet, enough for Jim to rebuild the Benbow Inn.

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The two bond in a master and apprentice way, and almost like father son
The crew is faced with meteors, supernovas, and black holes that resulted in harsh trials for the crew
Not too much later and Jim catches word of mutiny, only to find out it's being lead by his good friend, John Silver
After mutiny begins, they crash on Treasure Planet and meet a Bio-Electric Navigator, or B.E.N., who takes them directly to Flint's treasure
In the end, with Treasure Planet about to explode, Silver chooses Jim over treasure.

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Singapore – 8/3/2014 – Planet Arkadia, a virtual treasure hunting themed planet in the Entropia Universe, announced today several players were rewarded with the second largest hunting loot in Entropian history while…

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Later, Silver captured Captain Amelia and Dr. Doppler and took the map, and Jim along with it. When Silver finally got the treasure, Treasure Planet began to self-destruct, and Jim almost fell to his death.

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When Jim escaped with the map, he could not bring himself to shoot him. He later apologized and offered Jim a deal on the treasure. His deal appearing genuine, but grew angry when Jim turned him down and threatened to blast him to kingdom come, although he was also shown to not wish to do this.

Treasure Planet was first pitched around the same time as that film, ..

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Treasure Planet
Treasure Island
: Robert Louis Stevenson, 1883

Treasure Planet
: Ron Clements and John Muskar, 2002

Treasure Island
Story of Jim Hawkins and his adventures as a pirate in search of Flint's last treasure
Throughout the voyage, many are not what they seem and talk of mutiny becomes all to real.