The other, "Discourse for Defense," was written in reply to Luther.

This is a sect with the standard "concentric" structure--a narrow circle of

leaders who are initiated into all aspects of the doctrine and a wide circle of sympathizers who are acquainted only with some of its aspects.

122-123) Neither did the leaders of the Reformation deny these ties.

A monarch possessing these traits received the unconditional loyalty of his subjects.

All these traits emerge in the Middle Ages.

One can reject his religious ideas, but it is impossible not to be struck by his profound dignity and moral strength, which never left him in the course of his many ordeals. as not to defile their state.

The same traits are evident in today's more extreme left movements in America and Western Europe, and often give these movements a rather frivolous character.

Nevertheless, Confucian traits were still discernible in Vietnam in the mid-1980s.

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If, for example, Marx repeatedly expresses the thought that man exists only as a representative of the interests of a definite class and has no existence as an individual, of course we are not obliged to believe that the essence of man was revealed to Marx.

The Legacy of J.J. Rawlings in Ghanaian Politics, 1979-2000

In the present work, the problem is considered in its most abstract form: What are those basic features of socialism which, interwoven as in each case they are with the individual peculiarities of various countries and epochs, engender the multiplicity of its manifestations?

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A new field of phenomena, formerly attainable only through artistic or mystical intuition, now became open to rational investigation, based on a study of facts and their logical analysis.

But the leaders of the state carefully manipulate the process to achieve the desired results.

Strengths of the Trait Approach

Eight commonly found leadership archetypes are identified. Each of these leadership archetypes will prove more or less effective depending on the organizational situation. The archetypes listed are strategist, change-catalyst, transactor, builder, innovator, processor, coach and communicator. A description is given of each archetype including what it means working with, and managing each of these types. These in-depth descriptions form the foundation of a Leadership Archetype Questionnaire (LAQ).

35) In the disturbance which subsequently arose, the followers of Mazdak were defeated.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Great Man Theory and Trait Theory of Leadership

The view of man as an instrument of other forces, in turn, makes it possible to understand the astonishing psychology of the leaders of the socialist movements: on the one hand, the readiness and even the striving to erase one's own personality, to submit it completely to the aims of the movement (so obvious in the statements of Piatakov and Trotsky cited earlier) and, on the other hand, the complete collapse of will, the renunciation of one's convictions in case of defeat (Müntzer and Johann of Leyden, Bakunin in his "Confession," the behavior of Zinoviev, Bukharin and others at the trials, etc.).

Some branches of the movement systematically plundered and defiled churches.

Manfred Kets de Vries, Professor of human resource management

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