When Too Much IT Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

A Californian woman has died after taking part in a water-drinking contest, but why is too much water dangerous?We are regularly advised to drink more water: it clears skin, reduces tiredness and aids concentration.

When Too Much IT Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing ..

Mental Health and the Dangers of Knowing Too Much and Understanding Too Little
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The danger of too much knowledge | Money | The Guardian

Coffee, tea and coke do have some diuretic effect but you should still count them as about half to two-thirds their actual volume.
Carl, USAGiven the very sound scientific knowledge upon the risk of drinking too much water in a short period of time as clearly explained above, the Californian authorities should consider prosecuting the organisers of the contest for not ensuring that participants were fully informed and adequately looked after.
Richard Little, CambridgeInterestingly, marathon runners have known about the risks of drinking too much water for a while since there were a few deaths on the marathon circuit of people who had drunk too much water during the marathon itself.

Can be too much knowledge be dangerous

While this sort of tragic accident seems to be the exception and not the rule, it is very scary that something that seems so benign like drinking lots of water can be deadly.
Mel Low, London, UK"If you are going to the toilet more than once every few hours or so that might be too much, especially if your urine is clear," Well that means every time I have a few pints why I behave so strangely.

But as show in Frankenstein, that quest can lead to too much knowledge, presenting deadly consequences and driving him or her to his or her fate.
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Is there such a thing as too much education? - Telegraph

Several marathon runners have died to due over consumption of fluids.
Richard Elliott, BradfordI just guess as the saying goes"too much of everything water inclusive is bad"keep up the good work
tijani sadiq, lagos,nigeriaTragic, as these cases always are, but also a clear warning to people not to be so stupid!

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