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The head teacher, Jane Hsu, wrote to parents telling them that studies on the effects of homework in primary school “could not provide any evidence that directly links traditional homework practices with current, or even future, academic success.”

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Concerns over our educational system, fueled by our students’ poor performance in international comparisons of achievement, have reinvigorated the call for early academic instruction as a remedy for inadequate teaching later on. All too many kindergarten teachers are under pressure to teach their children numbers and letters and to administer standardized tests. In some kindergartens, children are even given homework in addition to the work sheets they must fill out during class time. In a developmentally appropriate classroom, children are busy taking care of plants and animals, experimenting with sand and water, drawing and painting, listening to songs and stories, and engaging in dramatic play. It is hard to believe that these young children learn more from work sheets than they do from engaging in these age-appropriate activities.

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She told parents that the negative effects of homework at a young age include: “children’s frustration and exhaustion, lack of time for other activities and family time and, sadly for many, loss of interest in learning.”

The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing (Da Capo Books, 2006)

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